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Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana good or bad. Marijuana is a plant that grows in the ground and has high quantites of thc. The plant gets you high. Some people like to call marijuana trees. Marijuana does have some medical value. It relieves the feeling of nausia. Marijuan is know as a drug that has led kids to other drugs. Marijuana as a legal drug has helped patients feel better for a period of time.The drug marijuana is something Americans hear about everyday. Our society has been taught that marijuana is just as bad as heroine or cocaine. To some extent I agree with this concept. The only problem I have is that marijuana is not all bad.

Marijuana has been proven to help patients who have diseases such as cancer and glaucoma. It helps rheumatism and stomach problems. Some of these patients cannot be treated with commonly used drugs and treatments. They are then left without an alternative so many of them turn to marijuana. The problem with this is that marijuana is illegal in every state except for nine. If the state of Ohio were to legalize marijuana for medical purposes only, it would alleviate many peoples pain and concern. I propose that the state of Ohio pass a law stating that critically ill patients will not be prosecuted for using the illegal drug marijuana.

For example take Steve Mitchell from Garberville California. He had been properly diagnosed with testicular cancer in 11. The cancer spread and he became severely ill. The chemotherapy made him very sick, and he was vomiting constantly and had no appetite. He tried everything from Zofran a new drug, to Marino a synthetic THC drug and nothing worked. One day a co-worker of his asked his wife if they had tried marijuana yet, and she told him that the doctors had told him no because it was illegal. One evening that week the friend brought him a joint and he smoked it. Within a short amount of time he had immediate relief. He suddenly had an appetite again and when the nurse saw him she could not believe what she observed. She asked what brought on the miracle and they told her what he had done. She said that they would be kicked out of the hospital if anyone found out but she didnt tell and Steves cancer is now in remission.

This law has already been passed in California, Alaska, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Hawaii, Maine, Washington and Nevada. The law would entail very detailed restrictions and regulations. The first step would be to have all patients and caretakers register with the state. After a person is registered he/she would then be given an identification card. This would take care of any confusion that might occur with the law-enforcement. In order to acquire one of these cards a doctor must prescribe marijuana.

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The next step would be to restrict the amount of marijuana a person may possess. In other states people who have a card are allowed to grow their own marijuana. In my law I propose that marijuana be grown in state run greenhouses. This would be a way to prevent people from abusing their privileges of being able to have marijuana. The greenhouses would be located in major cities all around Ohio. Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. These cities are the biggest and all of them easy to locate. A person who would go to these greenhouses would be allowed to purchase more than one mature marijuana plant. Each plant should cost $100. The money generated from these greenhouses could go back into the state fund.

Someone who violates his/her privileges of being able to purchase medical marijuana should be punished the same as people who get charged with illegal possession of marijuana. The rate of people who abuse medical marijuana is very low. The people who obtain this marijuana really do need it and will not sell it for recreational purposes.

Many organizations support the legalizing of marijuana for medical purposes only. Some of them include American Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Student Association, and the American Preventive Medical Association.

If you think that marijuana is bad for all people, evens severely ill patients then think back to Steve. Think about how his life was improved just by simply using a forbidden drug. He would not have had to break a law in order to feel better. That is wrong and unjust. Patients who are severely ill should be able to use a medication that is declared safe by a doctor in order to make them feel normal again. Ohio should legalize marijuana for medical purposes and make a difference in peoples lives.

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