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the lord of the flies

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The character of Simon plays an important role in the story Lord of the Flies by William Golding. He is a visionary and an intellect, always trying to find the truth. Simon is primarily a symbolic figure. Also, Simons encounter with the Lord of the Flies has notable significance in the story. Golding uses the character of Simon to reveal humanitys ignorance.

Simons intuitive wisdom separates him from the rest of the boys. He foretells Ralphs eventual rescue from the island by saying, I think youll get back all right. Furthermore, Simon has an inward sight that the beast was only a man once heroic and sick. His intelligence leads him to recognize the boys fear of themselves and that there is no beast, it is only them. The boys ignore his words of wisdom and laugh at what they cannot understand.

Simon symbolizes many things. He represents the prophets and philosophers that Golding feels are being ignored just as Simon is ignored by the boys. He characterizes the highest aspirations of the human spirit. It has also been said that Simon is an intended Christ figure in the novel. He is a symbol of all that is good and sincere in humanity.

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The confrontation of Simon and the Lord of the Flies is one of the more important events in the book. It depicts the goodness of mankind encountering the lowest part of man. The meeting represents the recognition of these forces in all men. This is when Simon fully understands that the beast is within each of the boys. Through this event, Golding expresses his belief that evil exists inside everyone and it is a necessary part of the human condition.

Simon is a mystical figure. The insightful wisdom that he possesses regrettably goes unseen by the boys and this inability to comprehend Simon is what leads to the disintegration of the society of the island. Golding is saying is that humanity is deaf to the voices of its prophets. Golding also expresses his point of view by Simons interview with Lord of the Flies where he indicates that man is inherently evil. The author communicates his morals and beliefs through the character of Simon.

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