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This essay will show that adverts use a variety of methods to attract a targeted audience. I will tell you how a character, slogan, logo, copy, trademark, layout, colour, motive, image connotation and image denotation all work together to create an effect.

Characters are people or a person on the advert. The purpose is to attract the eye of audience and to make more realistic because their hoping that the audience will look at the character first but it depend on the advert. In my advert the character gives numerous impressions that she is sexy, feminine, and authoritative lady and that will attracts men by the way she look and will attracts the women because the advert is selling perfume and most of the women desire to be like her because of the image she gives and creates in the advert witch is that she can get any men she want.

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Colour is one of the first think the audience notices in the advert like if you see loads of bright colours in an advert the target audience will be younger people then older. It creates an image alongside with the character for the advert to make target audience. In my perfume advert the colours were red and black, this created an image of love and feeling sexy. This will make the audience think they will have more love and feeling sexy. And in my ellesse advert the colours were Red, Orange, Blue and white. This creates an image of strong, manly and a sentiment of sporty. And this advert makes the audience consider they will more maleness.

The slogan is the catchphrase where as the brand is the name of the product. It is incredible the audience can reflect of the character and colour. In my advert the slogan is “ a rose by another name” and brand name is “red” this made the audience think that the character is a rose so why couldn’t they be the same. The slogan for the ellesse is the “art of sport” the audience will consider that if they want to me a sports start when it beginnings with ellese.

Trademark is the name of the company that produces the product and logo is the symbol used for the product the purpose, of trademark and the logo is for the audience to know who made the artefact the trademark and logo are tow roses so audience know the company is red many people look at the band name if they were to by something e.g. ellesse

The layout is how the text or picture arranged on the advert and the font is how the words used make the audience felt and this is another way the advert. They create image because they are of apart of adverts that is notices and works with the rest. In my advert the layout was the lady at the top and product is beneath if. Font in the advert makes the audience feel sexy.

Audience is who the product is aimed at. Is important to give to them. Adverts have different audiences; in my advert the audience was intended at young and single ladies or ladies in love or looking for love because they will consider it will help their love life.

In conclusion, I have show that in advertising people use characters, slogans, logos, copy’s, trademarks, layouts, image denotations to get the attention of the audience as well as creating an image for the product. Every advert tells the audience something different and has its own style. All of those mentioned above have an effect on the reader’s opinions and shopping habits.

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