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I have had my work experience in a design warehouse. It looked like a big house with loads of widows. Was I expected to use apple Mac computers but in fact I got more then I expected. I learn many things and how working people act and I gained insights into the warehouse. I hope to go back to this firm when I leave school or I hope to do this kind of work when I am older. They offered me job but only when I have A-levels. They have said they will pay for my university. I hope to get more knowledge in I.T and how working people behave.

I was worried about fitting in on my first day. I arrived on time to give a good impression. In the job I was the youngest person and a trainee but they did not care. I had to be confident again. I understood the instructions and if I did not understand them they explained again I was not embarrassed.

I enjoy working with Sarah one of my colleagues. she was a nice person she work there for three year. Most of the people who work there work there for more then three year. But There was a girl on work experience that I got on will with she was my age and now were good friends her name is Hanna. And the only person that I did not like was the embroidery manager called jenny. She always picketed on me.

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On my first day I went to reception where the manager took me to his office. The manager was a big man that looks like he was 8 and he was wearing a suit. I had to wait. They have a meeting every Monday morning. For the first day I was in the design department where I helped the designer design an Internet site for the firm that was colourful with lodes of picture. I learned more about computers than. I have in any lesson. We worked until 1.00 o’clock then we had a two-hour break. Then we worked and finished at 05.00 o’clock.

I hoped that it would be good but on the first day it was not as I hoped it would be. As the days went by work got better and better. I worked in the designing department for the first -days and I was in printing for days, in the embroidery department and in the backing department. I was hoping to be in the design department more but instead I was in the backing and embroidery.

My three days in the backing department was a good experience. I leaned how a group of people work together without a teacher. My three days embroidery I worked on 6 machines at one time and on the first day I did over 00 hats. My two-days in printing was not as good as I expected but it was all right. Designing was better.

I think I worked to the best of my ability. And if I had to do that all over again I would like to have more time on the computer and in the backing. I think I chose the right job placement because I dressed correctly, was on time and I was confident. On every Friday they paid me £5. It came to £50. They gave me a bag full of different things they designed. This work has inspired me to work hard at school so that I get good A-levels then I will be accepted into this firm for a permanent position. A good report was all I wanted and two meet new people.

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