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Can you ever image not worrying about time? I could not. I live off time, everything I do is based on time such as my work and school schedule. I work and study a total of 10 hours. Some other parts of the world dont use time as we do in the United States, such as some parts of Africa. Europeans lifestyles depend neatly on time, unlike countries like Africa. Africans in Africa at most time do not take time seriously. In Africa they dont use time, if something happens its because it was meant to happen. The Europeans and Africans have different sense of time.

In the European worldview, time exists outside man, exists objectively, and has measurable and linear characteristics (16). The European feels himself to be times slave, dependent on it, subject to it (16). Europeans use time daily such as work and school schedule and when we go to the doctors, we have a set time for the appointment.

To exist and function he must observe its ironclad, inviolate laws, its inflexible principles and rules. He must heed deadlines, dates, days, and hours. He moves within the rigors of time and cannot exist outside them. They impose upon him their requirements and quotas. An unresolved conflict exists between man and time, and that always end with mans defeat time annihilates him (16).

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We Europeans depend on time. When we tell someone Ill pick you up in a half a hour, or meet you in two hours at Dennys for dinner, we expect them to be there and on time. We base our days on time. We always look at clocks making sure what time it is, just in case we run late.

On the other hand, Africans have a totally different sense of time then Europeans. Africans apprehend time differently (16). For them, it is a much looser concept, more open, elastic, subjective (16). Africans time is more of an easy going attitude, but they are not lazy. It is man who influence time, its shape, course, and rhythm (man acting, of course, with the consent of gods and ancestors) (16). For Africans time is different, they dont depend on time like Europeans. When something happens in Africa its because it was meet to happen. Not because there was a set time for it to happen. Time is even somethings that man can create outright, for time is made manifest through events, and whether an event takes place or not depends, after all, on man alone (16). Africans dont base there days on time. When Africans go to work if they are late, it does not matter as long as they get there work done. Africans work very hard to get there jobs done, but they just dont worry about the exact time as the Europeans.

Time appear as a result of our actions, and vanishes when we neglect to ignore it (17). How do you think the Europeans would react of they had to live like the Africans, I personally would be lost, I base my whole day on time, I wish there was more than 4 hours in a day. The Europeans and Africans have a different sense of time. They both have there own beliefs of time.

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