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Thalos Vanmor was known to the thieves and thugs as one of the greatest trackers, trap-finders, scouts, thieves, and lock picks on all of Oerth. To the common folk, he was just another face in the crowd. He was easily the most skilled member of the Crimson Shadow Guild of Gray Hawk.

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Not such a tall man. He only stood just over five feet tall. He was as graceful as a swan and slightly built. He had long raven black hair and green eyes that glistened like two emeralds. He was quite charismatic and always clean shaven. He always carried a silver dagger at his side. He commonly was dressed in all black, but occasionally wore green and brown when venturing off into the forest. On his right shoulder he bares the mark of the Crimson Shadow.

(A hazy red fiend clutching a dagger ). He wouldn’t even go back on a deed owed to a friend nor enemy. One day, he was in the Silver Goblet, a tavern in the upscale district of Gray Hawk. He noticed a noble in red robes enter the tavern. He took note of the man’s great Golden Dragon pendent right away. Suddenly a thought clicked in his mind that he had to have the pendent. An over whelming thought , a promise of riches and eternal life emanated from the pendent. As if the pendent beckoned for him. He quickly decided that he would have to steel it from the man. He slowly maneuvered his way through the crowed of people over to the man. As he reached out to slyly cut the man’s pendent form his neck, a drunken dwarf bumped into him. His hand slipped, and he accidentally stabbed the man into the back of his head. He took the pendent, and then bolted out the door.

A moment later as he gracefully weaved and darted through the crowd, he heard shouts for the city guards. As he looked back, he saw two members of the guards in studded leather armor. Their spears held high and close to their chest, they maneuvered through the crowd in pursuit of Thalos.

Thalos moved on franticly looking for a means of escape. He could sense the guards getting closer every moment. In his haste, he darted down an ally, but to his dismay he soon realized the horrible truth that it was a dead-end. He searched for a place to hide but there was nothing. He began to realize that he was going to have to fight the guards or admit defeat and be arrested.

As the guards began to come into site, Thalos felt an arm on his shoulder. He looked over and saw an arm coming through the wall, and he was pulled through. He sat on the floor, breathless for several minutes talking in the last few events. He looked up to see a tall hulking beast of a man. He remembered the man as a half �orc, one of the few mixed breeds between orc and man. The man had small tusks jolting from his bottom jaw. He had red eyes that shined like fire red rubies. His hair was a tangled mess of knots. He had no real nose but in its place were two nostrils. He had hair all over his hulking frown. There was a tattoo of the shadow fang gang on his right peck. (A white fang surrounded by a circle of black) The half-orc looked down with a puzzled look on his

and said “Thalos?” in a gruff stern voice.

Thalos shook his head in agreement and asked “And who might you be.” in a calm tone.

“I am Pintrom. I have been sent by my gang leader, Rostile, to gain your help.” He said in his gruff voice as he extended his arm to help Thalos up.

“Ok, I will help your gang Pintron.” Thalos said, as he thought to himself that he owed this man a favor for saving his life. He reached up to grasp Pintrom’s arm to right himself. Then, Pintrom led Thalos down a pitch black corridor. Thalos pulled out his silver dagger and activated it’s light ability. As he did, he noticed the splendor or this corridor. The walls were made of smooth polished marble. The ceiling had a magnificent painting of a huge Great wyrm red dragon laying serge to a towering black cathedral. The view was breath taking. He also noted that some of the figures in the painting moved slightly as if the whole event on the ceiling was unfolding at that very moment. The floor was polished obsidian with white spots that resembled the endless night. The smell of fire burning filled his nostrils as a gentle breeze blew past his face. He closed his eyes for just a second, and he nearly forgot where he was.

When they reached the end of the long corridor, there was a great stone door. On the door, there was a carving of a great wolf of the shadows. The carving seemed to leap out at you. If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought it to be the Wolf of the Shadows.

Pintrom pushed the huge door open with ease and an eerie silence. The door opened into a gargantuan room. The room was adorned with great violet tapestries, beautiful tables, and realistic statues of great beasts. At the far end of the room. There was a man sitting in an oversized chair.

Pintrom lead Thalos over to the man in the chair.

The man then said “I am the great Rostile Leader of the Shadow Fang Gang, One of the most prominent gang in Flaless.”, In an oddly deep voice for a man of his size.

Rostile seemed to be only about 4’. He had short brown hair and sky blue eyes. He had a very predominant chin. There was an odd, yet comforting smile on his face. He wore a blue noble outfit with a dark indigo cloak trimmed with silver. He had a short sword with a very large ruby in it’s hilt set on the arm of the massive chair on witch he sat.

“Your probably wondering why I asked you here.? In fact there are probably several thoughts running through your head.” Said Rostile in a playful tone with a hint of sarcasm.

“Yes. What is this place?” said Thalos with an odd innocence.

“This is the new grand hall of the Shadow Fang Gang. We acquired from a great wizard in a recent business venture, but on a more serious note I need a favor.” Said Rostile.

“What kind of favor do you have in mind?” Said Thalos with a puzzle look upon his face.

“I need a item from a wizard and your skills will be a key part in my attaining this rare item, but until you accept I cant tell you any more.” He said in a more serious tone.

“What will this task pay?” Said Thalos in a quick and a harsh tone.

“You will receive 100 gold pieces and you may keep the items I provide you with and any thing you find in the wizards keep.” Said Rostile. The smile appearing on his face again.

“I’ll accept your offer but only if you put up 1000 gold pieces up front.” Said Thalos with a smug grin upon his face.

“Ok you may your gold Thalos.” Said Rostile after much deliberation. As he tossed Thalos a rather large pouch of gold .

“So what will this job consist of and what is the item I will have to obtain for you.” Thalos said in a grinning child like manner.

“The item I need is the legondary Shadowstaff . I heard that it is now in the possession of Gorthose The Arch mage of Dyves. It is lock away some where with in the walls of his colossal tower. Now Pintrom will take you to Levinon our wizard. He will help your travel.” Rostile said now more serious then ever.

Pintrom led Thalos to a small wooden door in the southeast corner of the magnificent room.

As Thalos walked through the door he saw …

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