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Civil war land in bad decline

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Picture a place where the dark half of your mind comes into view. All the weird things that you have ever thought off come into play. Messed up amusement parks where people die very easily. A place where if you have a defect you are sold into slavery because you have claws for feet or a turkey neck. I liked the book. It was very different from anything that I have ever read. The book seemed like a cross between a redneck, KKK, a gangster, and a fat guy. It just seemed like Saunders was having fun with what he was doing in a dark way. Poking fun at society. An example of this is all the amusement parks that are in his stories. He makes it out to be the only places were you could have fun. Like a place you wonder around aimlessly around for hours not because you want to because you have to. It’s like with the short story the Hunger Artist. At the end of the story all the people are still looking at the cage because there is something in there. It would not have mattered it there was a dog or a cat or another person just so long there was something. It is somewhat parallel to our society and television. It doesn’t matter what’s on as long there is something.

The first short story is called CivilWarLand in Bad Decline. It starts out with the main character is trying to woo a potential investor to support the park but a gang problem dismays the investor. He fears for his job because he did not close the deal. His personal life is in no better shape than his work. His wife doesn’t like him too much because he is stuck in a dead end job. His boss has him hire a crazed Viet-Nam vet to deal with the gangs. It starts out that he takes care of the local gangs, but when a local boy steals a piece of candy from the store. Sam finds him kills him cuts his hands off and sends it back to his employer with a note saying I found the kid that was stealing and I need some more ammo. The story ends with Sam killing his employer because he knows too much. Mean while Sam went on a killing spree, basically anybody was fair game. I thought that this story was a great opening story for the book. It sets a tone for the whole book that has dark humor written all over it. It just seemed that this was the only story that would have fit as the opening story.

I really did not like the story Isabelle so I am not going to talk about it.

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The Wavemaker Falters is the third story in CivilWarLand in Bad Decline. It’s about a man that again works at an amusement park. He kills a little kid because he was not paying any attention because he was looking at some chicks by the pool and the kid gets sucked in. For the rest of the story the boy visits him at night and they talk all night long. The boy tries to be scary but he is his scariest when he tries to do normal things. His wife is having an affair with his boss because he can’t perform in bed. His life in general is just shit. At the end of the story the boy’s father calls and says to him that he can not let him live while his son is dead. His response was I’ll leave the door open. He some what redeems himself by saying that this is as low as I go, so it seems that there is some hope for him.

My favorite story out of this book probably has to be the 400-Pound CEO. The book is about an overweight man named Jeffery working for a ruthless boss at Humane Raccoon Alternatives. The goal of the company is to re-locate the pesky raccoons that rummage through your trash. They relocate them to a pit after a tire iron to the back of the head. Jeff’s boss is Tim an ex-con. He went to jail because he purposely backed over a frat boy. In side he earned his MBA. Everybody that works with Jeffery makes fun of him. They place hippo magnets on his cubicle and make fun of him right to his face. Yet he still keeps going because he thinks there is something better out in world for him and that he has to get a little shit thrown at him to move on. I think the same way as this Jeffery. I can relate to him about this. Things start to get complicated when a female co-worker asks him out on a date. He says yes because he has been in love with this woman for as long as he can remember. When he goes over to her house he brings a present for her son. The date goes on and they have a good time. Later he learns that the only reason she went out with him was because of a bet. She apologizes but says she needed the money that would pay for the phone. A couple days later at work while he is working late he sees his boss and the girl he just went out with go down to the basement for some rough stuff. He says nothing but everyone at work already knows but they never really talk about that. A few more days go bye and he sees his boss going home but he sees a girl digging around the lime pit and collecting the bones of dead raccoons. Tim gets over there and starts to strangle her. Jeff runs along and puts Tim a big bear hug that kills him. He goes back to the office and thinks to himself this is my opportunity to make something of myself. To turn it all around, that one shot that we all look for in life. He forges Tim’s handwriting and says that Tim left him in charge. He was going to bring the company around to doing the right thing. But in the end he got caught up and arrested. He only got 60 years instead of life because the judge was sympathetic to him because he was once also fat.

I picked these stories because they are all about people trying to do the right thing and it comes back to haunt them in the end. The first story Sam was just trying to get rid of the street gangs that where plaguing his community. In the Wavemaker, he can’t let go of what he has done in his past and that affects his future and the 400 lb CEO. Jeff just tries to be a nice guy but nobody can look past that. Even in our culture people have made fun of others because they are different from us. I think that George Saunders was pointing out societies faults in all his stories but more so in these three.

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