Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clueless & Emma

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Emma Woodhouse and Cher Horowitz are clones placed in two different time periods. Emma resides in the village of Highbury in the early 100’s, while Cher lives in contemporary Beverly Hills. Each though plays matchmaker to friends and acquaintances, and believes that they are able to find the perfect complement to match another. Both characters deem social status as the basis for finding suitable love matches between two individuals. Throughout Emma, you notice how all marriages, and potential relationships are based on blood-line, wealth, and reputation. No real thought is made to love, companionship, trust, or personal connection. Emma’s pairing of Harriet shows the extent of how little consideration is placed on true love. Since Harriet’s parents are unknown, her family background is perceived by Emma to be that of nobility. Emma decides that such a prestigious woman deserves an equal mate, and encourages her relationship with Mr. Elton, rather than Mr. Martin, all to the dislike of the other characters. Only later, after discovering Harriet’s true lineage of her father being a tradesman, does Emma admit that Mr. Martin is a more suitable match for her.

The same situations occur in the movie Clueless, with Cher matching up, as well as breaking apart the relationships of teachers, friends, and family members. When Cher tries to pair Tai with Elton, she puts all her efforts into having Tai “fit” into the social status of the rest of her friends. She first has to complete a makeover changing everything from her hairstyle to her choices of literature. Even after the transition is complete, Elton still rejects Tai because of “who his father is.” Again, there is no consideration for how the characters feel about each other or connect, but yet about what business their parents were in, and how they were able to conform to popular fashion standards. Then, later in the film when Tai does find true love with Travis, she is initially shunned by Cher and rejected by the rest of the in-crowd. Travis is an outcast as well as part of the drug crowd, and Cher feels that he is not respectable enough to be dated. Only in the end does Cher realize the importance of having a personal connection, and sharing love with your partner, and not on how much money each have in their bank accounts.

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