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Many people experience some form of depression during their lives, and some experience it during their teenage years. I myself am prone to anxiety, and experienced a period of depression during my time in high school. This was greatly due to the fact that I was continually hit by situations that affected me. Among the most unforgettable moments in my life are the passing of a close aunt due to an aneurysm, my cousin who was employed at the World Trade Center died in the /11 tragedy, and the passing of a close friend who died in a car accident at the age of eighteen. I was filled with a bitter sadness days, weeks, and months after they had occurred. These events consumed me, and death became a part of living.

Bombarded by unexpected deaths of close family members and friends, one right after the other, really broke my heart and forced me to look at death. I began to constantly ask rhetorically , What is the purpose of living life, knowing death was inevitable?. Asking myself this question and not knowing the answer, I fell into a period of depression. I felt so negatively about practically everything, and saw no purpose in anything. With no motivation and such a mindset every aspect of my life significantly suffered.

With the affirmative support of my friends and family and help, I eventually recovered from this ordeal. I soon found several answers to my question -- that life is about taking advantage of every moment, being happy, going for things with no regrets, and learning daily. Life really is a gift which I have gained the deepest appreciation for.

My period of depression was a major turning point in my life. It has been a valuable experience that has made me the person I am today. It has greatly matured me and has given me profound insight about the world around me. Part of life is gaining knowledge and gaining new perspective of the world. After surviving depression, I know now that anything is possible with an optimistic mindset and diligent work. Any knew challenge that is set before me, I know I will find my way through it. Overcoming this obstacle has strengthened me in ways that no other experience could have.

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