Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free Will vs Fate

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The dialectical tension between interpretations of destiny and free

will does not render an absolute logic in Sophocles play Oedipus the

King.  We still discuss the plays thematic importance after more

than two thousand years, a truism which reinforces its complex

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structure, and the antagonistic relationship between fate and human

responsibility still challenges and defines our ideas about tragedy. 

Many will argue that the figure of Oedipus epitomizes tragedy by

nature of his inability to circumvent prophecy and the insuperable

power of the gods.  They have a point insofar as Oedipus inevitably

fulfills the pronounced judgment of the Oracle at Delphi.  The fate

card, however, presents us with a narrow argument of exclusivity and

seems to miss the mark.  The fatalistic approach engenders an

absurdly simplistic response to the text and fails to recognize other

significant factors; indeed various other motives and causes create

and drive the action of the play.  To measure the tragedy of the play

depends on King Oedipus alone, as he represents the human condition

of free will and his subsequent choice of action calculates his

eventual downfall. 

To begin with, an elemental guideline to any history class stresses

that nothing happens in a vacuum, action causes re-action, and events

accumulate; this accumulation of cause and effect becomes valuable

when applied to the case of Oedipus and the overall plot structure. 

Second, Oedipus acts as the detective, prosecutor, and judge of

Thebes; he therefore acts as the primary agent of his own suffering. 

Third, the Oracle of Apollo functions as an omniscient force without

moral or ethical justification, a paradox which undermines its agency

of design.

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