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The legendary film Glory begins with a scene of war. In this war, Robert Gould Shaw (Matthew Broderick) sees the violence caused by the war and is disillusioned. He returns home to find that his parents, who are strict abolitionists, have volunteered him to lead an all-black army, which is to be a part of the Union forces.

At first he is completely stunned. Later, however, he realizes that he must take this up as a challenge. He gets many volunteers. As they arrive at their training camp, however, the other soldiers jeer at them. These men brave this and begin getting into shape. At first their use is limited to the realm of manual labor. The movie stars Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. Washington plays a very bull headed soldier who seems to wish to fight the world. Morgan plays an old mans who later becomes a non commissioned officer, a Sergeant. Washington is consistently trying to fight. At first, he escapes in hopes of getting shoes, only to be brought back and whipped. Then, he tried to intimidate the other soldiers. Eventually, they head into a “war.” Unfortunately for them, this also turns out to be a horrendous experience. The soldiers and their commander along with another battalion of African Americans go to a nearby town and destroy it. The soldiers of the other troop ransack houses and burn them willingly. While Gould refuses to do so, his superior (who heads the other black regiment) orders him to do so. While the soldiers of the other regiment take supplies and valuables, Gould’s men respectably do not touch anything and are completely ashamed. Gould’s superior’s only explanation for this is that the Blacks will never fight in a real war, and that for their enjoyment, they should supposedly be allowed to destroy towns

Finally, however, the 54th regiment gets a chance to show its strength. And so it defeats a group of rebels (as the Confederates are referred to in the movie).

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Later, a plan is conceived to take a Southern Fort. And the first group to go in and try to capture the fort (as reinforcements come in from the back) is the 54th regiment. Gould will have by now realized that his regiment wants to fight, and so they fight for glory.

Confederates sit high above on their fort and shoot everything from cannon fire, to muskets, and even grenades at their enemy. At the end of the film it appears at first that the black division will win as they circle around and appear to have outflanked their enemy. But then the smoke clears and a cannon and several confederate soldiers come into view. The next thing that is seen is the morning and the sight of confederate soldiers hurling the bodies of their enemy into deep mass graves.

The movie was exceptionally well done. In the final scene when Gould yells “charge” even though he knows he will be shot is very stirring. It shows how although most Northerners were just as racist as slaveholders, many were very passionate about the rights of the African Americans. Also, after Gould falls, a man who had for a long time held the causes of the war in contempt. He too yells “charge” and sacrifices his life. The movie also shows how if people tried, they could bond and forget their differences. The movie is well directed and flows very well. Also, I enjoyed the feeling that it was realistic. The soldiers were not welcomed into the army, and certainly there was a definite element of social issues in the movie. It was not a plain civil war enactment. Instead, it showed the lives of people of that time period.

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