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Goal$ Renaldo Gonzalez

1.) Put a car in import nations colorado

.) Get a .0 pr better on report card

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.) Get a 000 gt or Eagle talon.

4.) play varsity ball

5.) Make my parents proud.

6.) win joe potts league

7.) get a place with my boy chuck.

8.) keep a steady job.

.) have a better temper so i dont fight

10.) play ball next year

1.) Put a car in the important nation show.

This goal is pretty hard to achieve because of all of the people that put cars in its pretty hard to get noticed. I want this goal because i love cars and i want to get into imports as a job, so i can keep putting cars in. This will also help me get a job if people see that i put a car in.

If i dont get a car in it wont be that big of a loss because there are plenty of shows to get a car into. Ill probably try out the next year and hope that i get in.

.) Get a .0 or better on the next report card.

I want this goal so i can graduate with a high rank, and also so my parents will be happy and not have to yell at me. To get this goal i will have to work harder on my homework, study for tests and go to class.

If i dont get this goal it my grade point average better be pretty close to it or ill be in allot of trouble. Before the report card came home id be half way to mexico. Also to achieve this goal ill need to spend less time with my boys and, girlfriend.

.)Get a nice import car that i can be proud of.

I want this goal because i like cars and i want to get into the profession. I have allot of money saved in the bank to help me achieve this goal. That helps allot.

If i dont achieve this goal i wont be too bummed because its just a car it only has material value and u cant judge a person by there car. But then again it would make life allot easier to enjoy.

4.) Having a better temper.

If i have a better temper it would also make life allot easier. If i calmed down i would not get into fights, i wouldnt have high blood pressure, and will not die of a heart attack.

I want this goal so i can get along with people better and so i dont drive my parents crazy. If i keep having a bad attitude im gonna need to be sent away from c-rock.

If i dont achieve my goal im going to keep getting into fights with people. Keep driving my parents. And ill have a bad rep like my friend jos�e. When i have a better temper i will get along with people better and not snap even if they make me mad.

5.) Get a place with my boy chuck.

I want this goal because my friend chuck is like a brother to me and we have been planing it for like years. This will help me play the rent with two people. I think this will be easy to obtain because we both have jobs and have money saved. When i get out of high school were supposed to move some were. so i better get moving fast with this goal.

6.) Winning the joe potts league

I want this goal because im very competitive and i dont play school ball so this is the only chance i got to win something. I also have to show these C-Rock boys how its done were i come from.

If i dont get this goal i think ill still get pretty close to it because i have a good team. We will win not doubt about it.

The most inportant thing i want to do is come out about being gay. No one knows it but me and abel cause he is with me. But when i come out it will be great cause there will be no more hiding and that will help my temper put cuz i wont have to hide.

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