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Great Gatsby: Nick as Narrator

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“Im one of the few totally honest people I know. Nick Carraway says this early in the novel in order to establish himself as a dependable character. It also comes to light that he is the only character who has maintained most of his morals throughout the book. He reserves his judgements and does not express them vocally, but rather to the reader in his thoughts.

Nick, throughout the novel separates himself from the rest of the characters. He is involved in all the controversy first hand, but manages to take outsiders view on things. For example, he does not think it right that Jordan Baker, the woman golfer, should cheat in a golf game, but on the other hand he does remember that it was only an accusation. When Nick finds out about how Gatsby makes his money overlooks he dishonest business dealings, with certain relationships and with organized crime. Gradually through the novel Nick looses his innocence, and in turn his morals. It can also be said that throughout the book that some his facts may be distorted or even lies. For example, one day Tom drags him along to Myrtles apartment in New York. While he is there, he gets drunk, so this is a prime area for twisting of facts. Another example is when Daisy runs into Myrtle in Gatsbys car. Lots of what we hear is gossip and from the recycled facts from bystanders.

Nick’s western roots do, however become questionable as the novel progresses. For instance when Tom is having an affair he says nothing to Tom about how it’s sinful and wrong. Instead, Nick goes along with Tom and waits while Tom is in the bedroom with Myrtle. He speaks of the immorality of it, however he never says anything. Another example is when Gatsby is trying to court Daisy. Nick introduces them knowing full well how Gatsby feels about her. However, Nick fails to remember that Daisy is someone’s wife and that she is bound to Tom threw their vows.

An aspect of Nick’s character that also perplexes the reader is Nick’s level of friendship, trust and tolerance to Gatsby that he offers no one else. At the end Nick is quick to dismiss Tom and Daisy. Nonetheless, no matter what Gatsby does Nick finds a way to rationalize his actions for the better. This influences the reader because we grow to empathize with Gatsby. He seems to have worked hard for the love of Daisy. Whether it be because we know she would never love him as a person or because we feel sorry for him and the life that he has degraded himself to. To her, he is still that poor boy from many years ago and in her head she is still thinking, “Rich people don’t marry poor people.”

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Nick Carraway, the novels narrator, may not have always had the most impartial opinions or the views on certain topics but he was continually loyal. Not loyalty in reference to his relationships with the other characters, but in being loyal to himself. He did not get involved with the corrupt ways of the others and he did not loose all his morals and ethics. However, when he realized how they had declined he made the decision to move back home, to the West, where he could regain all that he had lost. “Thats my Middle West … the street lamps and sleigh bells in the frosty dark…. I see now that this has been a story of the West, after all�Tom and Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan and I, were all Westerners, and perhaps we possessed some deficiency in common which made us subtly unadaptable to Eastern life.”

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