Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guns In The Home

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I will take a stand in this issue. There are too many fatalities each year in the United States due to guns in the home; they are unsafe and they shouldn’t be stored in the home especially with kids in the home. I will mention and precautionary measures that should be taken to insure the safety handling of guns in the home.

In the United States, terrible tragedies occur daily involving firearms that are easily accessible to young people, either at their own homes or at the home of a relative or even a neighbor. These tragedies would have never occurred if adults would put their firearms in a locked and safe place these children would probably still be alive. National research shows that 40% of homes with children’s have a gun, and in 1 out of 4 of these homes, the guns are kept loaded. Boys in this study find and play with guns; 1 out of 4 pull the trigger. Regardless of what they are taught about gun safety at home most young boys who discover a concealed firearm are likely to handle it even pull the trigger.

One of many components to guns safety is the storage of your weapon. To ensure safety of children and everyone in your household all gun owners should unload and lock up their guns, lock and store ammunition separately, hide keys where kids are unable to find them. Wherever your child plays or visits a friend’s house ask their parent if there is a gun in the home and if it is stored in a safe place away from where the children play. Talk to your children about guns and teach them if they ever find one to STOP and don’t touch it and go tell an adult. The popular slogan right now is “the child you save might be your own”.

In Garden city, Kansas A 1 year old was accidentally killed by his best friend. The shooter is the son of a Sheriff Deputy and it was in their house that the incident occurred. The boys had come in after a target shooting practice outside when one of the boys reached for the loaded -caliber rifle and it discharched. Both parents were in a parent teacher conference. In Lillington North Carolina a 15 year old brings a gun to school to trade for shoes. The boy was arrested and charged with a felony and possession of a firearm on school grounds.

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In conclusion, I am not in favor of having guns in the home. We all have a right to protect ourselves and people we love and care about, but is it worth it when you end up killing one of them in the process, Having a gun in the home comes with a great responsibility and some people are ignorant in this society when it comes to gun safety.

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