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Hamlet, Fortinbras and Leartes are all people distinct in their actions that carry out their own lives. These men interact in the play with one another and all seem to have nothing in common except revenge for a father’s death. There are many circumstances surrounding them that mysteriously connect them. All three of these characters had some reason to avenge a horrifying incident in their life, but they all had their own unique and different way of conquering their objective. All seek revenge in ways of despise and hatred. Fortinbras better then the three takes action and sets not to waste time rather to make hast in an operation to win back his fathers once known land of Denmark.

“Fort” brining value in the name of Fortinbras suggesting he is headstrong and invincible like a wall or a castle. Physically active Fortinbras prince of Norway had levied an army to attack and conquer Denmark. Though son of the late King of Norway, the crown of Norway had gone to his uncle. Throughout the play Fortinbras was kept busy in planning the invasion of so call it Poland. Desiring to win nobility through the sword, he cares not for the prize of his brilliance rather in reality his only yearning is to take over his fathers once deserved land Denmark.

Fortinbras Go captain and greet the Danish King. Tell him that buy his licence Fortinbras craves the conveyance of a promis’d march over his kingdom…

Hamlet Good Sir whose powers are these.

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Captain They are of Norway, sir.

Hamlet How purpos’d, sir, I pray you.

Captain Against some part of Poland…

Hamlet Why, then the polka will never defend it (Hamlet IV iv, 1-4, -1,)

Fortinbras is an empire builder who desires only to fight for glory and revenge. Its ironic, he is fitted by character to inherit the kingdom of Hamlet. Sly and persuasive Fortinbras directs his goal with direct timing and precision, as opposed to Laertes.

Easley persuaded and indulgent Laertes son to Polonius is a fool played by Claudius the current King of Denmark. As unconcerned for the order of society as he is for his own salvation, Laertes would rather dare damnation than leave his fathers honor and his own besmirched. Though the sight of his sisters madness brings him to a moment of true madness, he is still primarily enraged by his fathers death Obscure funeral - / No trophy, sword, nor hatchment oer his bones, / No noble rite nor formal ostentation. (Hamlet IV vii, 10-1) To vindicate his honor, Laertes stoops to a most dishonorable practice. Laertes is so concerned about his formal and outward terms of honor that he cannot permit his natural feelings to rule his will. In this concern for outward honor he further dishonors himself by the false statement that he will act honorably with Hamlet. Saying that I do receive your offered love like love, / And will not wrong it, (Laertes V ii, 47-48) he goes and chooses the lethally sharp weapon that the king has persuaded him in poisoning. Had Laertes acted upon the honorable promptings of his conscience, he would have avoided his own death and, by allying himself with Hamlet, would have won the gratitude of the future King. Laertes false sense of honor and pride override his better instincts to the fatal harm of both.

In contrast Hamlet the Prince of Denmark is notably cleaver but rather a victim of his own procrastination. While returning to his Kingdome he is advised that Ophelia is dead. At the sight of her grave Hamlet jumps into Ophelias grave, and fights with Laertes in her grave. He professes, “I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers/Could not, with all their quantity of love,/ Make up my sum” (Hamlet V, I, 50-5), during the fight with Laertes in Ophelias grave, but he tells her that he never loved her, when she returns his letters and gifts, while she was still alive. Hamlet faintly hints his consciousness of his dissolving sanity as he tells Laertes that he killed Polonius in a fit of madness. Hamlets madness in no way reflects Ophelias true madness; his actions contrast those of hers. Truly the down fall in Hamlet is not that of mood swings or lost love for Ophelia rather in his procrastination in avenging his fathers death. He allowed time to pass as he saw his guilty uncle rise to the top of the throne. To his disbelief he desired no more then to kill him, but he had to make sure it was him who had killed his father. This waiting had killed his inner soul, interim lead him into believing Polonius was Claudius behind a curtain and had slain him before his mothers eyes. In waiting for this moment Hamlet not thinking killed the wrong man and then forth sent himself to death. “I have sent to seek him and to find the body./How dangerous is it that this man goes loose!/ Yet must not put the strong law on him” (Claudius IV, III, 1-)

Hamlet, Fortinbras and Leartes are all people distinct in their actions that carry out their own lives. These men interact in the play with one another and all seem to have nothing in common except revenge for a father’s death. All men unique and different, all three attempting to achieve a goal. They were all the seeds to a new generation. But the generation of the stronger and wiser man lived to show it.

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