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Hardships Throughout the New Industrial CityG

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The Industrial Revolution brought about swift urbanization, which was a movement of people to cities. A great demand for workers led numerous of people to move from farms to cities increasing day by day. Just overnight, small towns grew into cities. However, in these new, packed urban centers, misery festered.

Women made up a big part of the work force. Women were preferred to work than men because employers thought that women were easier to manage and could adjust more easily to machines. Most important though, employers were able to pay women less than men. However, factory work created problems for women.

Having the women to work at the factory and then come home was harsh, but getting the children involved with hard labor is just flat out wrong. Some of the children may begin to work as early as ten years of age. Many boys and girls were hired at factories and mines changing spools in textile mills or pushing coal carts through narrow mine shafts. Orphans were also hired by employers having to work long hours for a minimum of food. Addition to children working, if any child was caught idling they were beaten.

Considering the period that such drastic changes began to take place, there truly was hardship of early industrial life. Parents accepted the idea of child labor because children helped with farm work and the wages the children earned were needed to help support the family. On the other hand, women had to work a good bit also and received fewer wages. The women were guaranteed one hundred percent full blooded workers, but were paid eighty percent less than a man just because she was a female.

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Because of Patience Kershaw’s testimony, many people in Britain were shocked, and slowly the Parliament passed laws to resolve the employment of children in mines and factories.

In conclusion, times were definitely hard throughout the industrial cities. Once again, the people experienced an extreme change in their existing conditions. Nevertheless, despite of the low pay, dangerous working conditions, and unsanitary housing, in time things got better and brought materials benefits. The beginning of the industrial age brought about great suffering, but no one knew what it would bring about in the end.

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