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Hawaii , just that word is enough to give you all the images that you need to fulfill your desires. But having only these thoughts will not give you the experience of the breathtaking views, shimmering waters, beautiful beaches, unforgettable nights and the recreational adventures. “It is a paradise not just for newly weds as many may think, but it’s also for singles families, kids and elders as well”(Patel).

Many people do not know how Hawaii and its people came about on this island. “According to archeologists, the earliest settlers who sailed to Hawaii on their seaworthy double canoes are believed to have come from the Marquesas Islands of Eastern Polynesia. They arrived between 500 and 800 A.D.” (Hawaiian’s ). Hawaii was made from a water volcano that later became a beautiful island that many people go to see and have fun there. “The first Polynesians migrated from Southeast Asia as a seafaring people, who spread over an area of the globe larger than that covered by any other people until the 18th and 1th centuries, when Europeans began exploring various parts of the then known world”(Hawaiian’s). Hawaii is not just a place for Hawaiian people; many people have come and going from Hawaii. I see Hawaii to be a place that is full of religious and cultural people. Many people do not know this, but Hawaii once had its own “monarchial system that was led by a queen”(Hawaiian’s). This just shows that people who study the history of Hawaii should know that even women had the power to led a country in those times. Later as many years passed by, “Hawaii became part of America.”(Hawaiian’s). “American government went from Provisional to Republic, from republic to Territorial to Statehood in 15”(Hawaiian’s). This quote here shows the Hawaiians become what they are today, “Engulfed in a new sea, the Hawaiian now set sail, on the merits of his rich Polynesian heritage and with new leaning, on a journey for the preservation of his life”(Hawaiian’s). Hawaii is like a paradise, that when found, people know that it is different then any other place that they have seen. I see the Hawaiian Islands to be a place where every thing seems to be untouched and unspoiled by any human being.

The Hawaiian Islands have so many fun activities to do. The most important reason why people go to Hawaii is, because of its beautiful beaches, but that not it. They have horse-back riding, snorkeling, sailing, surfing and many other activities”( site # ). “The islands are like heaven, because they have everything a person needs to fulfill their dreams”(Patel). If I were to go to Hawaii I would start off by going on a Helicopter ride around the island just to capture its beauty and to have in mind all the things that there is it see and do in Hawaii. One of the most beautiful things Hawaii has is it water falls. “The Manoa Falls takes in beautiful views, colorful trees, flowers, and glimpses of native bird life”(book #). “Hawaii is full of volcanoes, hillsides, and water. Once you get back home you can share every moment of it with your friends and loved ones, after having your breath taken away. There are even tours that you can take on horses. The tour will take you on a “path that menders through lush jungle trail along the hillside; through streams and rivers; and on to ancient Hawaiian villages”(site # 1). To my this sounds like it is surrounded by beautiful seenore, and wonderful animals. “The trail ride begins on the valley floor and last about ½ hours”(site # ). This all seems fun, but when it comes to me, I would want to go snorkeling and surfing. To me snorkeling seem a lot of fun and excitement, and “the best time to go snorkeling or diving is early in the day and this activity is one of the most popular water sports activities on the big island”(site # ).Hawaii is one of the world most famous places for surfing. “Woody Brown is 88 and lives in Maui, Hawaii where he surfs every chance he gets and he has been doing this since the early 10’s. If I know how to Surfing I would probably pick Hawaii has my first place to surf. Hawaii is probably know for its awesome beaches and crystal clear water too. There water is so clean that now they even have a submarine tour. “There is only one real submarine on the big island, Atlantis Submarine, and a lot of people love this activity because they can see it all without getting wet or messing up their hair”(site#1). Hawaii is also a fun place to relax and get a tan. I did not believe someone could really get dark in the sun until I saw my Cousin Imran when He came back from Hawaii with his wife. There is so much to do in Hawaii, but not a lot of time to get to it all. People have to know what they want to do and have to have it all booked ahead of time to get the best deals on everything. After having a great day you can relax on the “Polynesian Dinner Cruise which sets sail at 515 p.m. every day for a memorable evening of dining and Polynesian entertainment on Kona’s original sunset dinner cruise”(site #1). The snorkeling, sailing, surfing and sight seeing all seems fun, but when the sun goes down the people come out to have some more fun.

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The night life in Hawaii is almost as wild as Cancun. “In Hawaii the night life begins at sunset, when all eyes turn westward to see how the day will end”(book #). People in Hawaii fortunate to have an environment that encourages the cultural ritual”(book #). People all around the world know about the holla dancing and the torch-lighting ceremony. “The night starts off earlier with a picnic basket and walk along the Oceanside path way for many people”(book #). I could live my whole life in Hawaii with my wife. Every night Hawaii always has something going on. “The Waikiki’s beachfront bars also offer many possibilities, form the Royal Hawaiian Hotel Mai Tai Bar, a few feet from the sand”(booK#). It is my dream to one day set on the beaches of Hawaii and share a drink with my wife. There is this one place were; “Halokulani and it happens to make the best mai tai in the world and this place has the after dinner hours with light jazz played by local artists”(book#). Last but not lest the “Fiasco’s is a place for local and visitors, alike to come to this restaurant and club for a quick meal and after work partying”(book#4). When I go to Hawaii I am definitely going to this place just because of what it has to offer. “If you want a little country kick, come Tuesdays for line dancing”(book#4). I believe that to some people it is fun, but I am one of the wild people and I like to have fun all day and night. I fell that Hawaii is different then even other place and it is made to show how wonderful one place could be.

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