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High America

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High America

America, the country of the free or so they say. Even though American citizens are supposedly free, there are certain restrictions governing our everyday lives. The government establishes laws that citizens must obey or suffer the penalties if they disobey. For instance an American can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes if he is of the legal age. If a person smokes marijuana and is caught by the law, he must suffer the consequences for his actions. Marijuana is not nearly as harmful as the government displays it to be. If a person wants to use ganja in the comfort of their own home, they should have the freedom to do so. The U.S. government should decriminalize the use of marijuana.

Pot has many helpful medicinal uses. It is nearly a complete cure for glaucoma. Weed also helps elderly people deal with the severe pain of arthritis. If doctors want to prescribe their patients marijuana, they should be able to do so. It is a great medicine for cancer patients because bud induces an appetite for patients in chemotherapy allowing them to stay healthy.

Legalizing marijuana would also help the government. The government could control all distribution of reefer. Instead of spending millions of dollars on fighting weed the government could make money off of the distribution of the substance. This would allow more money for the pursuit of hard core drugs such as cocaine and crack.

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Weed legalization would help put hard core drugs off the streets. Police enforcement could strictly concentrate on harmful drugs such as crack and heroin. Decriminalizing weed would take money out of the hands of drug dealers and put money into the government.

The government projects marijuana to be a horrific substance when in reality it is not that bad. Marijuana is a plant just like tobacco. Ganja contains fewer chemicals than cigarettes and is extremely less addictive than nicotine. It is yet to cause lung cancer because no one has smoked enough to get cancer. Users of marijuana smoke a lot less than cigarette smokers. How many people have heard of someone dying from weed? Yet how many people die a year from smoking tobacco. It does not make sense that the government legalizes tobacco and not marijuana. Being under the influence of weed is more subtle than being drunk, but alcohol is legal. The government needs to grow up and analyze the pros and cons of pot and realize it is not as bad as they think.

If America is truly a country of the free than we need to act like it. Politicians need to realize the multiple benefits that the government would reap if they legalized marijuana. Legalizing marijuana is a sound decision and one I support.

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