Monday, June 27, 2011

I Love Summer

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Winter, spring, summer, fall, the four seasons of the year. Each with its own qualities that might grab one person but not another. The season that really turns me on is summer. Not that I dont like the others its just that during spring it rains alot and its kinda saying just a couple months and summers here. So I think spring along with winter and fall tease me that summers just around the corner or a year away they almost make me cry. Summer is the season that I wait for and when it comes I take full advantage of it but once its gone I have to start the long count down till next year. In the spring time stuff is growing coming to life, in the fall and winter stuff is dieing or already dead, but in the summer everything is alive and its when I come alive too.

During the summer I can do almost anything immaginable or at least try. School is out so there is only one thing stopping me from have the best time I can my parents. But most of the time they let me do whatever I want thank god. In the summer I can wake up to birds singing, a view of the lake, and the sun gleaming in through my windows. I love waking up to all of this but wish I could put it on hold for a couple hours because waking up at 6 a.m. is not my idea of a good mourning. So after a week or two the blankets go up and my room is transformed into the liar of dracula. I crawl out of my room at about 11 every day and retreat back to it at about 1 a.m. then I have to drown out the noise of crickets and frogs to go to sleep. One of the main reasons I love summer is because my parents are gone all day not that Id do anything bad like throw a party, Im a good kid. I turn my house and yard into a playground, riding dirt bikes around the house, moving every matrise in the house down to the basement and playing football, or jumping from the roof onto the trampoline, and most importantly covering up every trace of the stuff I had do to the house. Soccer is my sport and I play it religously all year. But its the best in the summer, Im on so many teams that its nice to just ride my bike to the fields and practise by myself. Living on a lake is nice but summer glorafies it and makes me apreciate it so much more than any other time of the year. When most people are stuck inside peeling themselves off of the coffee table to fix the fan, Im living it up in the water. Doing what ever I want to racing my boat, skiing, tubing, para-sailing, or my favorite playing pirates. I get my canoe and go sink who ever I run into. When I have nothing to do Ill go eat at the famous Essex House of Pizza, which is redicuasly over priced same with the Junction but when they are the closest thing to food Ill caugh up the dough. To me summer is like a journal you can write what ever you want in it an nobody has to know, which is just like my summers I can basically do whatever I want but sometimes you could say people look in the journal and I do get in trouble, but its summer where being grounded dosent last long because before long mom kicks you out of the hosue.

Summer is my favorite season and where I live its set up for summer. So even though its only a couple months of the year they are the best, They are the months when animals come back and the our part of the planet comes to life. Between spring, summer, fall, and winter, summer is the only one that represents life so in the famous words of Sid the Sloth from the movie Ice Age I choose life.

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