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Jose saramago critique critique

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Jose’s Saramago’s writing style was something that at first threw me off. He writes with little punctuation and page long sentences aren’t surprising. “Speech runs on in a sprawling mess, How does that work, By separating each statement with a comma and a capital, Oh I see, It takes a while to get used to. I initially thought it was clever; none of the characters are named, either, merely referred to by their position - the first man, the doctors wife, the man with the black eye-patch, and so on - and the combination of the two is intensely claustrophobic. You never quite feel you can see whats going on, you feel that your viewpoint is constrained - in fact, you feel partially blind.” I disagree with his statement.

While perplexing to some readers, Saramagos unabashed style gives the feeling of a firsthand account of the events, adding to the realism and tension of the novel. It provides a flowing rhythm similar to an oral dialogue. Not only the dialogue, but also the character’s thought process is also written in this style. Since we have to associate the text with the speaker, it allows us to find out more about the characters through our own judgement. We are forced to imagine the situation or else we would be completely lost. The ambiguity demands a little time to get used to, but it does become customary. I do agree the style gets confusing at times, especially when dialogue is exchanged with more than two people. It becomes confusing to follow exactly who’s saying what, which can lead to multiple interpretations. This is another criticism with the book, that it is an allegory without a referent. We are left wondering what it all means. The metaphor of blindness, and the difference between “seeing” and “understanding” has previously been explored. Although this seems to be the bottom line, with a character suggesting they had never really been blind, that perhaps the sighted do not really see, the plot and use of this metaphor is eminently worth reading.

“This is his talent, I believe, of taking a formulaic structure of seeming insanity and moulding it into a narrative where it is made human by the weakest of our kind.” This statement holds true, as so many critics seem to praise this book. Yet, this story could also be seen as a stalker or potential murderer intruding on another’s personal affairs. Though unlikely Senhor Jose will be compelled to harm her, his quest has already seen him unexpectedly breaking the law more than once. “By illuminating the mundane details of where she went to school, the identity and secrets of her godparents, why she was married, he wilfully connects to this woman through the incalculable minutiae that makes up our lives. He also gives himself a purpose and makes himself a little less like Saramago’s (anti-hero) predecessors.” It is also interesting to note that this event is how Senhor Jose will be recorded in history. By looking for the unknown woman she becomes alive, as mentioned in the line “put it [the record of the unknown woman] in the archive of the living, as if she hadn’t died”. By this quest, Senhor Jose is given a new meaning to his life. His obsession and motive for finding her, whether being the thrills of an adventure or to suppress his loneliness, has defined who he is for us. Senhor Jose now has a story worth telling; reducing our lives to statistics “is rejected by Senhor Jos� when he seeks out the details of the unknown woman’s past.” His adventure has given him a purpose, and even found a friend in an old lady. “Searching � seeking � is part and parcel of our existence.” The more information he collects, the more of the mystery is unravelled, and greater the sense of accomplishment. Our desperate and lonely character, in an attempt to have a connection with another human being, has at least found his own identity.


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