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Logic and Emotion

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The Letter from Birmingham Jail, Dr. Martin Luther King used reason and feeling to appeal black and white clergymen.

Dr. King used logos, a quality that appeals to a one?s logic or reason, to persuade the clergymen by pointing out that

§ He was in Birmingham, Alabama because he was invited and because injustice was in the city, which needed to be terminated. (pgs. 7-8)

§ In his opinion, there were two types of laws, just and unjust. The unjust laws in Birmingham were the segregation laws because they are ?morally wrong and sinful.? (pgs. 101-10)

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§ All of the immoral acts that Hitler carried out were considered legal and these were unjust laws. Supporting the victims of these legal actions were against the law, and these laws were also unjust. (pg. 10)

§ It is unreasonable to reprimand Negroes for the peaceful protests because they apparently lead to violence. This charge is similar to punishing a victim of a robbery because the individual had belongings the

robber wanted. This would accuse the robbed of inviting violence. (pg. 104)

§ The clergymen praised the Birmingham police department for avoiding violence, but in all actuality, they were the ones utilizing violent measures, by treating Blacks mercilessly, while protesting peacefully. (pgs. 10-110)

In addition to logos, Dr. King used pathos, a feature that moves one to pity or sorrow, by stating that

§ Birmingham is the most segregated city in the country and it has one of the highest rate of police brutality and undeserved treatment of Negroes. (pg. 8)

§ When Negro leaders tried to negotiate with city leaders, these leaders broke promises and disregarded the African Americans. These individuals felt that they no choice but to employ direct action.

(pg. )

§ When individuals told the Negroes to hold off on their plans for direct action, they had no idea of the struggle Blacks went through. These individuals, mostly white, would not have said wait if they had seen their mothers and fathers get beaten by the police, or their little sisters and brothers get bitten by dogs, or their grandparents being drowned by powerful hoses. (pgs. 100-101)

§ The church was not in the state that it used to be. The church has rejected its African American members and did not support their efforts to strive for equal rights. The church was a supporter of the status quo, and not an advocate for change or justice. (pgs. 107-10)

§ Some of the ministers, black and white, who assisted with the struggle for justice ended up in jail, kicked out of their churches and lost the support of their religious community, including the clergy leaders.

(pg. 10)

Dr. King used logos and pathos in response to the clergymen?s letter that addressed the protests of African Americans in Birmingham, Alabama.

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