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Love in A Doll's House

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Love and Decision Making

Love impairs decision making. This statement is one of truth although the victim of the impairment does not want to admit the fault. Obviously love holds precedence in “A Doll’s House” yet when decisions have to be made, love can also cause mistakes. Love requires you to make decisions with someone else in mind, thus priority lies in fulfilling another person’s happiness and dreams rather than your own. In Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” a perfect example of love’s biased opinion unfolds.

Nora, who gives the impression that she “wears the pants in the relationship (www.,” manipulates people and lies in order to obtain money, with her undaunted love for Torvald as her one and only justification for her crimes. The entire story leads up to an legendary discovery in the final acts of the play. According to one literary review Nora’s “epiphany” is that “…throughout the last eight years of her life, she has been blind to who is in control of the marriage (” Once Nora understands that she cannot influence Torvald as much as she had previously believed, she reaches her epiphany.

Not only does Nora risk her own integrity to assist Torvald, she also unwittingly allows him to treat her with ruthless disrespect. Torvald controls Nora’s life economically, and subjects her to verbal and emotional abuse as he blames Nora’s scandalous behavior on incompetence because she is a female. He also dominates her physically by initiating sexual relations even when Nora refuses his intimacy, “What’s that? You’re joking, my little Nora! You won’t…? Am I not your husband (Ibsen 55-56)?” Torvald believes that as Nora’s husband he is entitled to “have her” physically when he desires and is very surprised to discover that Nora does not share this belief.

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He reinforces his attitude about women by stating, “That is like a woman!” when Nora tells him of the purchases she has made and by calling her a “spendthrift (Ibsen 4).” Torvald undermines Nora once again as she states, “everything I think of seems so silly and insignificant” and he responds with “Does my little Nora acknowledge that at last (Ibsen 6)?” Yet his condescending attitude is one that Nora tolerates with absolute acceptance as Nora succumbs to Torvald’s relentless control when she states , “Everything you do is quite right, Torvald (Ibsen 55).”

Each of these situations show prime examples of how Nora uses her love for Torvald to try to better her situation. Her life is completely centered around Torvald’s wishes and concerns rather than achieving and maintaining a mutual relationship based on love and respect. Ibsen uses “A Doll’s House” to show that seemingly “happy” marriages can be complete and utter farces, yet also shows that these relationships can be restricted and remedied when the abused person exhibits individuality and control over their own life.

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