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More emphasis is needed for the arts in Canada

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In Canada, little emphasis is placed on the arts. The majority of the population takes the arts for granted; but those who embrace them understand their importance within our Canadian culture. People have “multiple-intelligences”; not everyone can describe a scene in words, but instead find it easier to describe the same scene in a drawing or a play. The arts are universal, and should be enjoyed and expressed by all ages, genders, and ethnicities. In addition, artists are not well supported by the government and therefore it is much more difficult to maintain financial security and a good lifestyle. With this in mind, one could argue that in Canada there is not enough public support for the arts.

In Canada the support needed for the arts is quite apparent. Canadians enjoy all types of art; paintings in our museums and art galleries, broadway musicals and the unique sounds from our Canadian musicians and composers. Art has a way to trigger most of our senses and all of our emotions. The success that the art industry has worldwide makes it inconceivable why there is little public support for it in Canada. Not only do artists feel the effects of the lack of public support but also struggle with the lack of government support.

If the government would put more money into Canadian arts, then maybe it would be a more lucrative field for Canadians to venture within. Instead, artists often are forced to find out “blue-collar” jobs to support themselves and earn a proper salary. Individuals should be able to follow their dreams and enter a career that appeals to them. Instead, they are discouraged from doing so. There is a handful of talented artists in Canada who have never pursued their dreams due to a lack of money.

It is very rare to stumble upon a talented Canadian artist, whereas, Americans artists, on the other hand are a dime a dozen. Musicians from Canada most often have American or other foreign contracts, as Canadian contracts are quite difficult to come across. Canadian musicians do not have chance to excel, in their home country, simply because they are not supported financially by the government and therefore are unable to obtain the promotions they need in order to move ahead.

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Without public support, artistic individuals are forced to think in unnatural ways. Everyone’s mind works differently. There are those who are easily articulated in their words, and there are others who can only express themselves using sounds, or visuals. For those artistic individuals whose right side of their brain is enhanced, they must learn how to utilize the opposite side of their mind. This is like teaching a right-handed individual to use their left hand. It is an abnormal function for that person. Every entity should be able to perform in an instinctive manner. In Canada, without the public support that the arts needs, many people are pushed into jobs and careers just for the sake of money. Otherwise they will be deemed for failure. With the majority of the population enjoying the arts, it is incomprehensible why there is a lack of support present. Canada should allow every human being a fair and equal chance to meet their goals and follow their dreams.

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