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Peanut Butter and Jelly

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It is possibly the most common and well known type of sandwich in American culture, and yet many do not know how to make it. For those who have been deprived of the ability to make a simple sandwich, this paper will teach you how to create a childhood favorite. There very few items that you will need, things that are likely to already be in your home. The steps are somewhat simple, however they must be followed carefully to avoid sandwich catastrophe.

To begin, gather the ingredients and necessary tools for assembling the sandwich. A knife will be needed, first to spread both the peanut butter and jelly, as well as to separate the sandwich into more manageable pieces. A spoon can be substituted for spreading the peanut butter and jelly; however the spoon will not be as effective in cutting the bread. If the decision to use a spoon is made, there is always the option of enjoying the sandwich as a whole unit. A plate of acceptable size will also be helpful, but not required. It will keep any excess peanut butter or jelly from spilling over onto the table, and will also create a more organized workspace. A napkin or cutting board can easily be substituted here. These are the only needed tools for this project.

Ingredients for this project carry with them some freedom, as personal taste comes into the equation. The two necessary ingredients are obviously peanut butter and jelly; however there are many different types, flavors and consistencies to choose from. This is all a matter of personal taste, so feel free to experiment. Standard choices usually consist of creamy or chunky peanut butter, and jellies are most commonly strawberry or grape. There are other varieties of both, organic peanut butter, other flavors of jelly, etc, so be creative. There is one more key ingredient that is needed to complete this project; bread. Choices of bread are nearly unlimited, personal taste preferences should be used to judge here. Conventional choices range from white and whole wheat to cinnamon raisin and French bread. Feel free to try new combinations to find one that is most appealing to the palate.

Once tools and ingredients have been gathered, assembly can begin. Begin with two slices of the bread you have chosen. Set one in the middle of the plate and allow the other piece to hang off the edge, making sure that it does not fall over the edge. This is not something to greatly worry about, however when there is peanut butter involved it is always better to be careful; it makes a tough mess. Using the knife or spoon, take a reasonable amount of peanut butter out of the container it is in, and begin to gently spread it over the centered piece of bread, moving from the center of the bread out to the edges. This ensures that the bread is completely covered with peanut butter. If there appears to be too much peanut butter, simply use the knife to remove the excess and either put it back in the container or throw it away. Now, you can either repeat this step on the other piece of bread or if you do not like a greater proportion of peanut butter, just put jelly on the unused piece of bread.

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The jelly will have a more elastic quality, and may take longer to spread out, or prove difficult to spread evenly. Be patient and follow the same steps used for spreading the peanut butter; placing a moderate amount in the middle of the piece of bread, and again spreading it outwards. When using the jelly, be careful that it stays on the bread and does not spill over the edge. This can create a larger and more difficult mess to clean up. When the jelly has been successfully spread over the bread, prepare to put the sandwich together. Put down the knife, and put the lids of both the peanut butter and jelly back on their respective containers.

Now carefully pick up both slices of bread, making sure that the peanut butter side is facing the jelly side. Now bring them together until they meet, and very gently press them together. The peanut butter and jelly will cling to each other, holding the sandwich together. To complete the sandwich process, place the sandwich back on the plate and cut in either lengthwise or diagonally. Most cut the sandwich into two pieces, however feel free to make as many as desired.

The sandwich is now complete; however there are additions that can be made. A beverage for example, will likely be needed. Milk is often the best choice, as it makes it easier to chew the sandwich. Other beverages work just as well, and there really isn’t a right or wrong choice. What is important is that the sandwich be enjoyed, and that the lesson of how to make this delicious sandwich has been learned. After this has been mastered, it will not be long until other dishes such as grilled cheese will be easy to create.

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