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In this paper I am going to defend that some but not all pornography is immoral. The pornography that I am going to be dealing with is any that I feel dehumanizes woman as sexual objects.

The main definition that I will be going by is from Judge Frank Easterbrook (Satris, 17). Pornography depicts women “dehumanized as sexual objects, things or commodities; enjoying pain or humiliation or rape; being tied up, cut up, mutilated, bruised, or physically hurt; in postures of sexual submission or servility or display; reduced to body parts, penetrated by objects or animals, or presented in scenarios of degradation, injury, torture; shown as filthy or inferior; bleeding, bruised or hurt in a context which makes these conditions sexual.” He also says that pornography is a kind of act that has certain effects depictions of subordination.

This also covers three acts the locutionary act proposition expressed, perlocutionary act what effects our communication and the illocutionary act action preformed in saying words. Pornography is said to shut down or disable these three acts by first, locutionary act it causes fear, intimidation - prevents people from speaking at all, perlocutionary act fails to achieve its intended act, last illocutionary act, you speak but it fails to perform what you said. These are three main reasons why pornography could hurt women.

In comparing this to what Hobbes says, “in our natural state one has their beliefs and values and another has theirs”, you satisfy your desires and I will satisfy mine.

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If we used these beliefs there would not be any moral or immoral beliefs for anything and this state of mine would definitely be unacceptable in today’s society. On the other hand Aristotle’s belief in the ultimate good would probably work better than any of the others that deal with strictly finding pleasure at any cost. I believe Aristotle’s idea would work well because he feels that excellence and success should be intertwined with ones ethics and morals. He says you cannot be successful unless you are ethical, so when people are going for their goals or the ultimate good they will at least use judgment in their life. All other Hedonistical ideas would not work in society today. You can try to avoid pain but it always seems to find you and you will never be able to live a completely Europhoric life. Therefore all the ideas I used besides Aristotle’s would not work especially if you apply it to pornography, in which case it would become out of control and Hedonistic behavior at any and all costs would be acceptable.

Law has traditionally considered pornography to be a question of private virtue and public morality, not personal injury and collective abuse. The law on pornography has been the law of moral regulation, not the law of public safety, personal security, or civil equality. When pornography is debated, in and out of court, the issue has been whether government should be in the business of making sure only nice things are said and seen about sex, not whether government should remedy the exploitation of the powerless for the profit and enjoyment of the powerful. Whether or not pornography is harmful to the social fabric has therefore been considered; whether particular individuals or definable groups are hurt by it has not been.

Since, in this traditional view, pornography can only violate an idea of the society one wants to think one lives in, the question of pornography has not required looking into who can violate whom and get away with it. Once pornography is framed as a concept rather than a practice, more thought than act, more in the head than in society, its effects also necessarily appear both weak and unsupported. So both what pornography is and what it does, lie in the eye of the beholder, to be a question of ones point of view and moral clause. And since the accepted solution for differing moral views has been mutual tolerance, one mans harm has been anothers social value. This is shown in the form of greenbacks, since the gross profit in the porn industry in the United States has doubled in the last ten years. One can argue this is due to the invention of the Internet and without enough effective interfaces from the judicial system.

The legal conception of what pornography is has convincingly shaped the social conception of what pornography does. Instead of recognizing the personal injuries and systemic harms of those depicted in the pornography, the law has told society that it is a passive reflection or suggestive by-product of the real world. It therefore becomes, a word or picture replay of, something else, which is not real. So its harms have not been seen as real. They have, in fact, been protected under the disguise of the name commonly given to them called speech.

In conclusion I would like to validate why I believe that pornography degrades society as a whole. I am a firm believer of many of Aristotle’s ideas and theories. I believe what he says about having to mix success and excellence with ones ethics and morals are extremely relative to anyone in today’s society. With corruption at an all time high in some of the most well known business in America today, I find it hard to believe that CEOs and COOs of all major companies consider their own personal ethics and morals when deciding what is best for their company, and ultimately their bank accounts. And I also wonder this; what sort of morals do the porn kings live by? How do they question what is right and wrong in their profession when theyre ultimate goal is to reach a part of society that many consider to be the lowest of the chain?

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