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restaruant management

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Fetish. The word implies that which is irresistibly arousing and desirable. The cuisine and atmosphere offered by this proposed restaurant is especially designed to provoke this feeling as well as to provide its satisfaction. Fetish is an occasional restaurant capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations of a broad cross range of middle-class clientele. The menu is sophisticated, yet familiar. The food is tasty while nutritious. The dress is relaxed, but neither sloppy nor restrictive. The ambiance is casual yet interesting. Overall, Fetish will attract life conscious patrons looking for a comfortable atmosphere and food to stimulate the palate and conversation.

The interior design of the location is set for those who wish to experience the high-end occasional restaurant without attending the normal setting ambiance. The simple furnishings of the tables make the setting look like something straight out of a second hand store. The bar is inviting with comfortable seating and is filled with beverages that suit both the person and environment.The community of Chico, California is well suited to embrace a restaurant such as Fetish. Our menu caters to those seeking to explore alternative menu items in a primarily dinner setting. Non-traditional proteins predominate our mostly seafood, tofu and vegetable dishes. We will also offer a modest lunch menu. The traditional meat dishes of the past will not be found. Dishes are versatile and can be easily altered to suite the ever-growing vegetarian or vegan diet. In the region of our prospective site, there are few cuisine restaurants, and the city is ripe to receive a hip new eatery. The city boasts a moderately small population of 67,500. This population is comprised of all ages and incomes, as well as many various lifestyles. Chico is predominantly a rural, educated, Caucasian, and middle class town. These facts provide the ideal setting for the appeal and success of Fetish.

Our mission statement seeks to fit the community we seek to welcome Fetish. Our goal is to use nutritious recipe ingredients, utilizing natural and alternative sources, designing creative and welcoming dishes for the middle-class restaurant patron. We are committed to providing unexpectedly superior service in conjunction with affordable dishes and an unsurpassable atmosphere invoking only the finest associations of pleasure. Competitive wages and benefits are aimed to keep our educated and appealing staff pleased to work in our establishment.

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Local radio will provide our primary means of initial advertisement. AM and college radio stations will be particularly solicited for their eclectic listening base. Employees and local businesses will also distribute handout flyers. Daily specials off the regular menu will seek to up-sale patrons in-house. We believe that once we are established, word of mouth will spread our success and ensure our profitability.

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