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security in schools

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Current Security

Currently the security aspect that the school incorporates that has been documented in the interviews is only evident from the admin staff. That is that they keep Backups and they keep a copy of all passwords that are required. The way backups are kept hasn’t been documented and what procedures are in place to ensure that all vital documentation such as student medical records copies of registers and so on are kept in safe places hasn’t been recorded.

Only admin staff can access SIMS. Also it is stated that other users that want to use SIMS can do so by using the heads password this could cause a problem, as then there is no tracking of who used the system and for what purpose.

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There is no evidence to say how Internet use is restricted to prevent children from accessing out of bounds web pages and what precautions are taken that children do not access chat rooms and other adult sites. There are also wider dangers that adults with inappropriate intentions could use chat, e- mail and indeed telephone and text message, as a means of anonymous communication with pupils. Data Protection Act the school cannot publish pictures of children on their web page, this is to prevent the misuse of their images.

It is not documented what ant virus packages are being used and how often these are updated.

There is no documentation on regards to how the schools hardware and software are protected in terms of theft, and how safe guards are taken to ensure that hardware isn’t taken off the premises without prior consent.

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