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Susan B Anthony

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Susan was arrested and indicted on Thanksgiving Day, 187, for having knowingly voted without having a lawful right to vote. At her trial, the judge penned his decision before hearing the case and discharged the jury because he maintained that there were no questions for him to consider. He found her guilty for voting illegally and fined her $100.

All in all, Susan B. Anthony was a great woman. She was a womens rights campaigner, a suffragist, and was against slavery. She even at one time had her own newspaper! She did many important things, but one of the greatest was to help grant women suffrage. Because of women like Susan, women now have the right to vote!The Susan B. Anthony House was the home of the legendary American civil rights leader during the most politically active period of her life, and the site of her famous arrest for voting in 187. Susan B. Anthonys story of courage and determination has been told and re-told to visitors to her Rochester, New York home on Madison Street for more than fifty years.

Because of Aunt Susans love for women and perseverance in her cause, I have today the enjoyment of a great many more rights and privileges than my

mother had twenty-five years ago. And seventy years ago-when Aunt Susan herself was young, there were no such things as womans rights; all the rights were

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masculine. Woman was ruled by a government and a law in which she had no voice. If she felt herself wronged in any way she had no way of making the fact known

before the law, or no way in which she might suggest a remedy for it. It was an unheard of thing for A woman to speak in public. None of the colleges or universities

admitted women students. She was barred from nearly all profitable employments, and in those she was permitted to follow she received only one-fourth the mans

remuneration for the same work; she could not become a doctor or lawyer, or, - except within the Society of Friends, - a minister. If she was married any wages she

might earn were not hers, but must be handed by the employer to her husband, who was in every way her master, the law even giving him the power to chastise or

punish her. The laws of divorce were so framed as to be wholly regardless of the happiness of women, in every case the man always gaining the control of the

children- even if he were the offender in the case. A father could apprentice his children without the leave of the mother, and at his death could appoint a guardian for

them, thereby taking them from the mothers control. Man endeavored in every way possible to destroy womans confidence in her powers, to lessen her self-respect

and to make her willing to lead a dependent, subservient life. It really seemed as if man had assumed the powers of the Lord himself in claiming it as his right to tell

woman what she might or might not do, and what was or was not her place.

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