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Tai Chi Philosophies

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Tai Chi is a style of movements that is based on the meridian system which is also used in acupuncture. Most styles of tai chi are grounded in martial application; the most popular styles of the martial tai chi are the Chen, Yang, the Wu, Hao, and Sun style. The first style was the Chen style and the other styles soon followed.

“Whoever practices Tai Chi regularly will in time gain the suppleness of a child, the health of a frontier man, and the peace of mind of a sage.” (Unknown).

As the quote says you should practice tai chi on a regular basis because of the great health benefits. Some health benefits that cannot be clearly seen are the relief of stress, imbalances in the body, and disease, among others. To achieve good health from tai chi is to balance the energy, to balance the energy there are a series of forms, and each form has a series of movements with a set beginning and end. While moving through these postures or forms the knees should always be slightly bent, the head lifted, and the spine straight, this is done so the chi can flow freely, and harmony can be reached between the two opposing forces of yin and yang. When there is a harmony between these two forces that is when there is a balance and the health benefits occur.

The Eastern and Western thought can be combined to achieve holistic health because the Eastern is the tai chi, or exercise part and the Western is the diet. If you combine the exercise which causes the energy to flow and relieve pain with the right diet your body will be in the perfect balance it needs to be.

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“The study of Eastern philosophies provides a life path for compassion, peacefulness, reflection, energetic healing, and enlightment.” (Unknown).

The philosophy I believe in is the Taoist Philosophy which is based on the teachings of Lao Tzu. The Taoist philosophy emphasizes the belief that continuous change is necessary for life. The Taoist principles apply not just to beauty but to function, and people as well. “The great unity of all that exists is called Tao, and change is the only thing constant in Tao. (Ray Wood). From the beginning of creation non violence, non aggression, non competition and compassion have always been the essence of Tao. The philosophy also states that “to move and act spontaneously from your nature and without purpose is the only way you can become one with the universe.” The Tao moves by flowing its nature according to its own principles. It flows effortlessly, without purpose, and without a goal. As I think of my lifestyle I believe in the same thing. I never get too attached to something, I always live for the moment and I am very spontaneous.

The basic principles of movement are Straighten the Head, Use the Mind to Direct the flow of Energy, Focus on continuous movement, Coordinate Upper and Lower body Parts, and Weight Distribution. All five of these principles are important when doing tai chi because first your head needs to be straight so the energy can flow. Once you feel the chi that is when you use your mind to direct the energy and focus on continuous movement to keep the energy flowing. By coordinating your upper and lower body movements it allows you to learn the movements and keeps your body from ceasing. Last is the weight distribution this helps your body to flow with agility, ease and lightness. If the proper weight is not distributed evenly your body will not move properly causing you to have pain. Also you will have no balance and your opponent will be able to move you easily.

“Each movement is a chance for us to make peace with the world,

to make peace possible for the world, to make happiness possible

for the world.” (Thich Nhat Hanh).

Meditation is the practice of being silent, it develops a greater awareness, clarity, and peace in you life. Meditation also produces an inner revolution in every individual. This leads to right consciousness, right breathing, right sleep, and right sexuality. (Ray Wood). The main purpose for meditation is to make your mind peaceful and recharge your energy. Some Chinese philosophies believe that if you achieve a high level of meditation it is to be believed that you can develop healing powers. During meditation you will feel the chi flowing inside your body. When the meridian channels are clear the chi will be very strong and that is when the healing begins. When engaging in meditation your mind will become peaceful. You will be free from worries, and mental discomfort, and after time resulting in true happiness. Eventually through continuous training you will be able to stay happy all the time, no matter what your worries, or thoughts may be. By performing meditation you create an inner space and clarity that enables you to control your mind. By meditating often you develop a mental equilibrium. Eventually you will be able to eliminate the delusions that are the cause of your problems.

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