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The Black Lash

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Aaahhhh aaahhh aaaahhh, the cried of 15 year old girl

that is being lash for running away from her indenture service of

her Master estate in Blue Ridge Mountain in 1745. During the

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frontier age, this is an everyday account of slaves been punish

for there action toward his or her owner. In the mid 1800s

of Augusta County, slavery was the foreground of building or

establishing frontier settlement. Blacks and Mulattos were bound

out for indenture service for a term, could succeed in frontier life

and were valuable long-term investments to their owner.

Blacks and Mulattos were bound out for indenture service

for a term. Indenture service was an essential to the frontier

lifestyle and a way for the government to get rid of children that

would be a burden to there society. Take for example, Christopher

Roarreys contract of indenture service.

In 1748 Christopher Roarrey was bound out until he attain

the age of thirty- one, the destiny of a free yet

impoverished, illegitimate, mulatto child. If he survived his

indenture, Christopher received no tangible freedom dues

for his labor, a return due white indentured servants

(Simmons 16).

In another way, Hannah Hurely indenture service was some degree

better than Christopher.

Beginning at the age of three Hannahs indenture was to

last until she reached of thirty-one ... but by law her master,

William Bethel, to teach her to read the Bible; to provide her

with meat, drink, washing, lodging, and apparel; and to pay

her freedom dues (16).

As you can see, indentured service during the frontier age for minorities

was a very hard life to lead.

In addition to being indenture servants to their owners, Blacks and

Mulattos could succeed in frontier life. For example the success of Edward

Tarr, who was once a slave, was able to purchase a home and land in

Augusta County. “It would appear despite his race, the former slave

represented the quintessential frontier man land-owner, businessman,

church member, and taxpayer” (16). Tarrs home became very popular

with multicultural visitors, local and alike. “Local people and travelers

alike patronized his blacksmith shop. Tarr’s membership in the Timber

Ridge Presbyterian Church, located a few miles from his home, and his

thriving trade caused his shop to become a popular meeting place for other

free Negroes, whites of the “middlin sort,” and neighboring slaves” (16).

As you can see, Black and Mulattos could succeed in life the with the

help of hard work, confidence, and common courtesy.

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