Sunday, June 26, 2011

The musical advantage

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There are so many advantages to music that one could say it’s truly amazing. Music helps us to identify with ourselves, be expressing what we are truly feeling on the inside. By listening to this particular field of art, we become emotionally connected with the artists performing the song. It’s as if you feel what they are singing and the way they are expressing their inner feelings as well. It’s a strange combination of both. Sometimes you will fall asleep and dream of the songs, you mentally see what the songs are saying, and what is meant by them. Then at times you become so attached to a particular song that you physically act on it. Violence is a normal reaction to the genre of music known as metal. As you listen to this music, your adrenaline begins to pump and you become enraged with anger. To vent this anger people may hit or strike others, and sometimes objects. At a concert, a mosh-pit is how people vent their frustrations. They all leap into the air slamming into one another, unleashing their feelings unto all the people around them. Strangely though no one is mad at each other. It’s as one big happy family of violence and aggresion. All in all it’s a well environment to fulfill your inner most depictions of your feelings. If they are not vented somehow then you will fall under a heavy depression which is not good for anyone. You may get done, have low self-esteem, and sometimes push away all those around you. If this happens seek help from a physician.

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