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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are remotely piloted or self-piloted aircraft that can carry cameras, sensors, communications equipment or other payloads. They have been used in a reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering role since the 150s, and more challenging roles are envisioned, including combat missions.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are classified according to two primary categories--Tactical and Endurance. Tactical unmanned aerial vehicles typically have a flight time of 10 hours or less and an operating radius no greater than 150 miles. Endurance unmanned aerial vehicles exceed these capabilities.

The often promised widespread use of UAVs in the global civilian market has generally not yet been realised. Yet most UAV market surveys have indicated a significant upward trend in the civilian market share happening right about now. There are indeed several examples of successes

in specific niche market sectors, but generally, the civilian UAV market remain elusive.

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In Japan, there is a very interesting and innovative use of UAVs to meet the niche requirements of their widespread but relatively small rice paddy farms. Data from the Yamaha Industrial Unmanned Helicopters web site(http// show the apparent commercial viability of using small helicopter based UAVs for crop dusting and spraying.

Currently, there is potential for significant growth in operational UAV activity within the civil

sector.Commercial activities of significantscale are currently limited to atmospheric monitoring, specialised crop spraying in Japan, and academic related research. There are ongoing experimental investigations into the development of systems directed toward mineral surveying applications.

The reasons for the current low levels of commercial activity appear to be associated with the risk of financial investment in as yet unproven systems. In contrast to military users, for which system developments are typically government funded, civilian operators must provide their own investment in aerial systems. There is obviously then a tendency to buy off-the-shelf as this provides the perception of a proven product. Potential civilian operators are often hesitant to invest in developmental projects where the level of investment required to realise an operational system is uncertain, and success may not be guaranteed.

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