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Veroniqu� clutched her stomach, pains searing up her chest. She kept walking until she reached Zane’s office. She raised her hand in a fist, intending to knock, when another wave of pains overtook her. She was lightheaded and dizzy, but determined to talk to Zane. Veroniqu� swayed for a moment, trying to regain her balance. She raised her fist to knock once more, and fell on to the floor in an unconscious heap.

Zane sighed as he stared somewhere past the blank computer screen. He was having trouble writing the description of his new product idea for his boss. All he could focus on was that damn, infuriating woman. Several times, Zane took the phone off the hook to call her, but what would he say? He had a tendency to demean people when he wanted to get closer. He needed to work on that.

At three o’clock, Zane had enough of this torture, and shrugged on his coat. He grabbed his briefcase and his laptop. Zane opened the door and stepped over the threshold. He took a half a step forward and his foot hit something. He looked down and saw Veroniqu�, lying crumpled on the rug.

“Veroniqu�? Veroniqu�, can you hear me? It’s me, Zane. Wake up! Please, wake up.” Zane was concerned. He didn’t know what to do. He picked up Veroniqu�’s small, delicate wrist in his strong, large hand, and felt for a pulse. He managed to find a very weak heart beat. Her breath was slow and shallow. He ran into his office and called nine-one-one. Zane told the operator what happened, where they were, and how to reach him if necessary.

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