Friday, June 17, 2011

unwanted children

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Due to recent discussions in my religion class I have been able to reflect more upon the issues of unwanted children and the affects of many different situations. My personal reaction to the problems of unwanted children in our society in the light of the need to treat everyone as created in God’s image is that we simply need to realize how devastating the lack of love to children can be. It is a life altering challenge that children, in most cases, don’t overcome for a long time if even at all.

For situations where abortion is at stake, the parents involved need to be assured that no matter what, the baby is worth giving birth to because in no way is it the baby’s fault. After the parents have consented to giving birth, hopefully, they should then take into consideration of the different possibilities they have. For instance, one method is adoption. It is the best route to go because the parents would be solving two problems at once. First of all and most importantly, the baby would be in an environment where they would be willingly loved no questions asked. Secondly, the parents who are obviously not ready for a baby or who have maybe made a bad judgement by engaging in pre-marital sex, they can rest assure that the for the baby’s sake as well as their own the baby won’t be harmed, or abused.

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I am still in the dark about a lot of the problems at hand with unwanted children because I have never been associated with anyone who has been so severely scarred for life due to the of the lack of love they’ve received. I’m sure that my views would differ immensely if I personally have been affected by a situation, but I can say that the problems of unwanted children need to be handled with responsibility from the parents. Even if it does mean giving the baby up for adoption, as I have stated before this would be the best scenario for most cases.

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