Thursday, June 16, 2011

Violence in Our Homes

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Is America’s culture infatuated with violence? Most people today think so just by the violence allowed in our homes and our everyday lives. We allow violence in our surroundings every day. The majority of violence in our homes and lives stems from video games, movies, and television shows.

One perfect example of how American’s are infatuated with violence is through video games. Over the last decade they have become an integral part of American culture. Games such as “Quake” and “Unreal” include bombs blowing up, guns blasting away, and killing the opponent, while seeing their blood splatter across the screen in order to win the game. Still gamers can’t wait for more games to come out with even more gore and violence.

America’s infatuation with violence can also be seen in today’s movies. They are louder, bloodier, and more anatomically precise than ever before. A prime example is a movie called “Hannibal” that depicts a psychopath, who murders and then consumes his victim’s body parts in explicit and gruesome details, not necessarily in that order either. Moviegoers still look forward to the next movie and the adrenaline rush they receive from being scared speechless or the occasional intake of breath.

My final example of America’s infatuation with violence is Television in the home. Any night of the week, the average viewer can see levels of violence approaching, even exceeding the Roman Gladiator’s games. It brings hitting, kicking, stabbings, shootings, and dismemberment right into our homes. Television programs such as “Law and Order” or “C.S.I. Miami” depict district attorneys or medical investigators trying to find out who killed someone and how the violent act occurred, with sights, sounds, and special effects that often jar people more than the real thing.

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Violence has always been a part of the human condition because of our sinful nature (Rom. ). American culture is infatuated with violence more so today than our previous generations. Although we could prevent it from becoming part of our lives we first have to admit how infatuated we truly are with violence today.

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