Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yellow Midget

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I took the train down to Elvisville Tennesee for a chance at a real shot. Can you see the train Rema said. I think she was thinking of the time when the rats flowed in from the yellow river and fell into the great Jelly Island Cave. That is where the I took China from all of the migets. Back in dickity six, you could call it anything else because then the tall orders became rather short. Short not like that of a midget but that of a dwarf. Along the red line of the blue square there was a green acres of pumpkins that took that same train from Duckettsville to Crazy Town. You know where I am talking talking about.

Next to the end of the road that they called Frag Road there was a little ninja strutting his stuff with a pocket full of gold and a hand full of cream pie. I asked him what color was the red elephant and her said I am not sure, but I do know that your face will be covered in cream. And that her was right. My face was covered with cream and the end of the road was near. So I took out my buzzsaw and trimmed his limbs. Soon after I fed them to him he cried and said that he really didnt want to eat himself. Not only did he eat himself but he shit out himself as well. The joke is on you I replied.

I went on my way to the farm that I grew up on. The trees were red and the grass was yellow. Probably form the urine content. Well that all for now. I am really sorry if you read this, but you know.

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