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A depressant is the former name of a group of drugs that produce central nervous system depression, and have been used throughout history to induce sleep, relieve stress, and allay anxiety (Depressants, 001). Today, physicians call these drugs anti-anxiety and hypnotic drugs. Depressants are addictive and if a person takes such a drug daily for several weeks, a physical and/or psychological dependence on it may develop (Depressant, 00).

There are five different types of depressants. They include alcohol, sedatives, tranquilizers, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines (Depressant, 00). Alcohol is a drink that is drank by adults mostly on social or ceremonial occasions. If too much alcohol is drank by a person, the functions of the brain are decreased, which make the person not think about his/her actions. Also, too much drinking can cause damage to the brain, stomach, intestines, and heart (Alcoholism, 00) . Sedatives are used to mainly ease anxiety or to produce sleep. An overdose of sedatives can disrupt the brain’s control of breathing and circulation and may be fatal (Sedative, 00). Tranquilizers are drugs that are used to calm a person down, relax the muscles, and reduce tension. If too much is taken, muscle weakness, general fatigue, and drowsiness may be caused (Tranquilizer, 00). Barbiturates are drugs used to calm people or make them sleep. Barbiturates reduce the activity of the brain and the rest of the nervous system. An overdose can cause coma or even death (Barbiturate, 00). Benzodiazepine is a drug that is prescribed to relieve anxiety, treat insomnia, relieve muscle spasms, and prevent the seizures associated with epilepsy and other conditions. If overdosed, this drug can cause sleepiness and can interfere with a person’s memory and coordination (Benzodiazepine, 00).

There are a couple of ways these depressants are taken into the body. Alcohol is taken into the body by the mouth (Alcoholism, 00). Sedatives are taken into the body by injection, inhalation, or by the mouth (Sedative, 00). Tranquilizers are taken into the body by injection or by the mouth (Tranquilizer, 00). Barbiturates are taken into the body by the mouth (Barbiturate, 00). Benzodiazepines are taken into the body by the mouth also (Benzodiazepine, 00).

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There are different types of dependencies these depressants can cause on a person. Alcohol can cause physical dependency (Alcoholism, 00). Sedatives can cause both physical and physiological dependency (Sedative, 00). Tranquilizers can cause physiological dependency (Tranquilizer, 00). Barbiturates can cause both physical and physiological dependency (Barbiturate, 00). Benzodiazepines can cause physical dependency (Benzodiazepine, 00).

Depressants are one of the various substances that diminish functional activity, usually by depressing the nervous system. The purpose of these drugs is to ease pain, cause sleep, or reduce tension. Otherwise, they should not be taken. These drugs are so addictive that people tend to become dependent on such substances, which may cause insanity and in extreme cases, death. It is important to know that if someone is addictive to these drugs, he/she should seek professional help before these substances cause permanent damage (Depressant, 00).

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