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Great Gatsby

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Morally Irresponsible

The passage that I have chosen from The Great Gatsby is, to me, the most realistic and pragmatic statement made throughout the entire novel. It is found toward the end of the novel, which implies that the narrator, Nick, a formally unbiased person, has grown to understand the aristocratic society. By referring to Tom and Daisy as a prime example, Nick conveys the hollowness of the upper-class society after conversing with Tom, after the death of Gatsby, Myrtle and George.

They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreat back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made….(186-7)

After reading this quote, I was taken by the injustice of the situations. Despite that Daisy is the true killer of Myrtle, she lies through omission, with a free conscience, and allows for Gatsby to take the blame for her mistake and endure the consequences (in his case, death). Only a truly selfish and careless person with no heart or consideration for others is capable of a deed such as this. Rather than attending Gatsby’s funeral, Tom and Daisy simply allow themselves to remove from the calamity, not only physically, but psychologically, as well. Actions of which reveal the emptiness of the two characters. The two arrogant and inconsiderate snobs just pick up their lives, no problem, to start all over again, just because they can by allowing money to ease their minds. I think that the loyal and compassionate (Gatsby) should have been the ones to live and the egotistical and the using should have been the ones to die. Their lives are like endless opportunities and they need not put any effort forth to have this. It is amazing to me that two people can live life with no morals or values at the expense of others.

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Tom and Daisy, typical upper-class citizens, have betrayed the American dream of working hard to enjoy life. They have disregarded the work hard aspect, and in return, they lack truth and love. At the start of her life, Daisy is in love with Gatsby and promises to wait for his return from the war, however, he true aspirations and selfishness are revealed when a solid social position comes along, Daisy jumps on the opportunity to please her parents and advance in society. Gatsby, on the other hand, has managed to try hard to achieve his success, but looses sight when he realizes his goals are shallow and empty. He dies, along with George and Myrtle Wilson, while still a step below their goals and dreams. This is an example of how false goals have changed the world so that only the morally irresponsible can survive. Although Daisy and Tom’s lives have no meaning, they prevail over the valuable members of society.

People like Daisy and Tom fail to realize the reality of the statement “what goes around comes around” and although the two of them seem to be able to disregard others in concern for only themselves, they will understand that their kind of behavior will be returned, maybe not directly to them, but in some other way (perhaps via their daughter). This passage makes me want to preach to everyone to treat people the way you want to be treated. It sounds simple but it pretty much applies to everything.

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