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heaven in islam

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All Muslim believes in the Day of the Judgment. This world as we know it will come to an end, and the dead will rise to stand for their final and fair trial. On that day, all men and women from Adam to the last person will be resurrected from the state of death for judgment. Everything we do, say, make, intend and think are accounted for and kept in accurate records. They are brought up on the Day of Judgment. One who believes in life after death is not expected to behave against the Will of Allah. He will always bear in mind that Allah is watching all his actions and the angels are recording them. People with good records will be generously rewarded and warmly welcomed to Allahs Heaven. People with bad records will be fairly punished and cast into Hell. Allah knows the real nature of Heaven and Hell only, but Allah describes them in mans familiar terms in the Quran. If some good deeds are seen not to get full appreciation and credit in this life, they will receive full compensation and be widely acknowledged on the Day of Judgement. If some people who commit sins, neglect Allah and indulge in immoral activities, seem superficially successful and prosperous in this life, absolute justice will be done to them on the Day of Judgement.

For all the good deed that we have done, Allah has created a special place in which are stored the most beautiful things from the whole universe and things we cannot even imagine of. All this is for our pleasure and enjoyment. This place is called Heaven. Allah has stored different kinds of blessings for these faithful believers. The gate of heaven is called Rizwan.

The prophet Muhammad told us that the lowest in rank among the dwellers of Paradise will have ten times the like of this world, and he or she will have whatever he or she desires and ten times like it. If you enter Paradise, you will live a long happy life without sickness, pain, sadness, or death. God has said in the Quran

“But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, we shall soon admit to Gardens, with rivers flowing beneath, - their eternal home. Therein shall they have companions pure and holy; We shall admit them to shades, cool and ever deepening.”

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In Heaven, there are many different types of palaces and mansions made from pearls and diamonds and they will be so crystal clear that you can see through it. The walls will be made from bricks of gold and silver scented with fragrance. In Heaven, there will be four rivers, one of water, second of milk, third of honey, fourth of Sharab-e-Tahoor(a pure, holy liquid which is a mixture of many things). People will get the most delicious foods and whatever they wish will be presented in front of them.

Heaven will be free from any type of impurities, such as, dirt, human excretion, urine, and spit. When a person sweats and burps in Heaven it will be a cool, soothing fragrant. With every breath, the name of Allah will be taken and without even thinking Allah’s name will be heard. The clothes for the people living in Heaven will not get smaller or old and they will stay fresh and they will not mature from their youth. There is no sleep because sleep is a kind of death and there is no death in Heaven. After living in Heaven for one week, they will be given permission to see Allah.

In the Islam lecture, Dr. Abedi’s class, Heaven can be described as the ultimate happiness, peaceful, worry free, full of lie, gardens with flowing streams, paradise, beautiful, close to God, ultimate justice, bliss, harmony, joy, pleasant, rewarding, satisfaction, clean of sins and can have sex. If you drink wine in Heaven it doesn’t give you a headache or any other side effects of alcohol. In Heaven you don’t listen to nonsense.

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