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High school senior year is considered as the most cheerful and unforgettable memory of one¡¯s life. In this time period, one can be emotionally influenced by many things that happen around him or her anticipation to graduate from high school, preparation for college or work, and the subtle change in friendship. In the fiction ¡°Senior Year¡±, the author vividly portraits many contented as well as heartbreaking stories which many high school students have experienced in their senior years. Instead of giving out general description of the life in high school senior year, the author emphasize on capturing the touching stories that happen on a group of high school seniors. From these stories, the author shows that the high school senior year is not only the milestone of those adolescents¡¯ education career, but also the time for them to gain maturity and courage for their future.

Ken, Elizabeth, Jessica, Evan, Jade, Melissa, and Will are the seniors at sweet valley high. Ken is an honor student who is nominated by his football coach to get the national scholarship. Nevertheless, he has a concern that his nomination for this scholarship may jeopardize his friendship with Will, who also competes for the same scholarship. Ken then decides to maintain his friendship with Will by giving up his chance of receiving the scholarship. Unfortunately, Melissa acknowledges Ken¡¯s intention, and persuades him not to make such a foolish decision. Therefore, Ken is trapped in the dilemma of either accepting the scholarships or maintaining his friendship with Will.

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