Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shattered Memories

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Annie Chang

Shattered Memories

All that is left is a greasy paper bag and a 10-dollar bill. I notice this, as I closely examine the counter-top of my fianc�e’s one bedroom apartment. The floors are still wooden and clean, just like the way they had been when the home was first purchased. For three years now since this place has remained vacant � empty; not a single person to create warmth and make it alive, yet somehow, it still maintained the fresh scent of pine. On the refrigerator I find a memo with a name and number written on it

Janice Barton 1-54-4005

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I begin to wonder who it is as I continue to roam around the room and lose focus of what Im trying to do. Maybe Im trying to bring back memories; or maybe Im just simply trying to forget them, forget him with painless ease. Lying frozen on his study desk, I find three different framed pictures. The first one of his family who lived half-way across the world, the second one of me (a single shot) posing with a straight face, and the last one of him and me together in front of a lake gleaming with the fire-crackers in the background. I recall this last picture very well; it was taken during our last summer vacation together in Hong Kong. I remember how he dragged me by my hand with my eyes closed tight. To make sure I wouldnt peek, he blindfolded me. I remember how I pestered him with anxious questions because I was too bewildered of my surroundings. I remember his scent as I dug my face into his shoulder because I was too afraid to fall. When we finally arrived at the lake, I felt his soft and lean hands unfold the silk cloth around my eyes. I looked at him with confusion. I asked, This is what you wanted to show me, Li - the lake? He smiled with suspicion - a tender smile, a smile unforgettable. Then he got down on his knees and recited a poem he written himself. He was shaking; I have never before seen him so nervous. When the poem reached its end, he took out the ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him. Tears fell from my eyes profusely, tears of joy- maybe.

But now I am standing here in the empty apartment, holding this frame for a long period of time. Perhaps, I am trying to imprint every minute detail of the memory into my mind. Then with one distraction, the frame instantly slips, down from my hands, shatters into pieces on the ground. I hold back my tears as I start picking the broken scraps and placing them into the greasy paper bag, alongside the ten-dollar bill. I inhale another deep breath.

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