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The Effects of the Attacks on the World Trade Center

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Since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, America has changed in a large number of ways. The American government and its citizens have come to the reality that they are not entirely out of harms way. America has already declared war on terrorism, and now war with Iraq is still pending. The effects of the terrorist’s attacks are Americans’ desiring a better feeling of security, Americans having more of a sense of nationalism, and America’s economy falling.

The entire world population fell into a daze when the two World Trade Center towers fell. Immediately, most Americans underwent a strong feeling of compassion. They all asked the same question, “Could this happen to me?” The American government has taken certain precautionary measures to secure the American way of life and to ease American uneasiness. In consequence certain rights are beginning to be compromised. The general public’s fear of another attack and even its imaginable fatal outcome has bit-by-bit shaped new privacy invading regulations. If the American people allow this trend to continue, slowly they will all lose what is rightfully theirs. In every walk of life in America one can easily spot the security changes that have taken place. For example, many school bus drivers are required for extra security to walk to the back of the bus, then have everyone exit from the bus starting from the back for extra security. This extra effort to increase security is invading many walks of life and is becoming an everyday thing.

Ever since the September 11th attacks the world economy has suffered. The majority of the public was swathed with a blanket of paranoia and hurriedly started buying a huge amount of items in preparation for any events to come. Once having everything conceivably needed, people started to save money. The economy needs people to buy in order to grow. The stock market has notably lost its climb and only a few lucky traders have continued to earn any dividend. Hopefully, America’s economy will receive a boost and swing forward to growth.

The minute Americans perked up after witnessing the horrible tragedies that took place in New York on September 11th, they experienced a since of pride, and they developed a healthier gratification of being an American. America’s principles of opportunity, equality, and freedom for every citizen have overridden any problematic disputes that exist in America. Fueled by the hate and jealousies of the free world, The World Trade Center attacks were an assault on democracy itself. The attacks were assaults on the American way of life, and to undervalue such privileges is to not deserve them at all. Americans realized that they must stand tall in the face of tyranny and be willing to fight for what has been fought for many times before. The consequence of attacking America was succeeding in making Americans ready to fight, to maintain pride, and to stand for what America stands for.

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In addition to the added American security, the economy falling, and elevated American nationalism, the threat of war has been of late set upon the world. The current war situation has been caused by the American desire to annihilate any threat of additional terrorist attacks completely. An effect of The World Trade Center Attacks, the President has sworn that he will do anything within his power to protect the American people. Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator, is harboring weapons of mass destruction and refuses to comply with the U.N. requirements of disarming. The potential of another terrorist attack is at hand. The evident solution to this problem is to remove Saddam Hussein from power, thus removing the threat. Many more effects of the World Trade Center attacks will continue to show themselves in the future and will test the world to come.

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