Saturday, July 9, 2011

was up?

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Good evening, my name is Jane Goldner. I usually celebrate the 11 o’clock Mass so you 5 o’clockers may not know me. Also I usually park on Jewett Ave., enter Church through the Jewett Ave door, and sit in my designated 5th or 6th pew (wherever my mother is since she normally arrives ahead of me). Tom and Judy Lickona, Matt and Michelle McSherry and their children, Marge Colasurdo, the Starmer family and Rosemary Healy are typically in the surrounding pews. Like many of us I am a creature of habit. I can not recall the last time I sat in the far corner of our church. I do not know the people in the back corner. What does this have to do with RENEW? I was asked to speak about what I liked about the 1st season of Renew. I liked getting to know 4 members of my church family - 4 people I did not know until being in Renew. I liked hearing how their lives are centered around God. I liked hearing how prayer is a major part of their lives. I liked learning how they try to follow Jesus’ example in their daily lives. I liked being inspired by them.

Betty Brevett is the host of my Small Group. We met at her home on Wednesday evenings. I always felt welcomed and comfortable in her home. Our sessions included prayer, reading and reflecting on Bible passages, and discussions about living our faith. I am looking forward to Season II. The topic of Season II is Conversion and the Small Groups will start meeting the week of February 10th. Cards are in the pews. You can fill them out now. Ushers will be by soon to pick them up. If you participated in Season I and have filled out a re-registration sheet, you do NOT need to fill out another card.

I encourage you to participate - you will be glad you did. Just think, you folks on that side of the Church might get to know some of the folks on the Jewett Ave side of the Church. Maybe some the 5 o’clock Mass people will become acquainted with the 8 o’clockers. And maybe, just maybe I will sit in the back pews one of these days. Thank you.

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