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In beginning a career in physical education, I expect to develop a program that stimulates and challenges every students mind and body. Students should be equipped with an educator who constantly strives to update activities, methods, and curriculum that drives them to want to be more physically and mentally stronger.

Every student deserves to have the best learning environments that combine challenging their own abilities along with a fun and creative teaching style. Activities should help to strengthen already developed skills and to develop new skills that can be used in and out of the classroom and throughout their lives.

Units will be planned to accommodate student’s specific needs and interest. They will be designed to make them more physically fit and emotionally strong. Individual and team activities will be used to help give them a wide range of experience and knowledge. This knowledge can be used to encourage them to make choices that lead to a more healthy, active life.

This will all be achieved by setting realistic goals that vary in level and skill. Tasks will get progressively more challenging and set activities must encourage students to meet these tasks. Students should also exercise their minds by using creative thinking to solve problems and develop new ways to complete activities. Students should progress in their communication skills. They will be required to work together in some instances and respect and listen to others ideas.

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I believe that with all of this in place, students will achieve and adequate development in their physical, emotional, social and motor skills in a fun and safe environment.

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