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Speeding Ticket

You always get the unexpected. Its extraordinary how bad situations pop out of no where. My situation is a speeding ticket that was close to ending my driving privilege. Stress that I had caused me to rush and speed didn’t make me think twice of the consequences that I could be getting close to. But I had to face what was coming towards me.

It all started when I was heading to the movie theatre after picking up my girlfriend. The movie started at 0 and she had to be home by one o’clock. It took us about a solid 50 minutes to get there since she lives far away from everything. So I was thinking there would be no problem at all; we go watch the movie and then go back home from there. While watching the movie, I didn’t realize how much time passed by. It was a three-hour movie. While we were walking out of the movie we checked the time and saw that we had only thirty minutes to get to her house on time.

Quickly as possible we got out of the movie theatre and into the car. The only thought running through my mind was that I have to get her home right away. There were no cars on the road, which made me want to accelerate the speed more. I was approaching a hill. After going over car lights appeared from the side of the road. Then blue lights were turned on and I slowed down, praying he wasn’t coming for me. I passed a 45 speed limit sign and I didn’t notice how fast I was going because all I was thinking is that my girlfriend has to be on time. My heart was beating so fast and I was so nervous I couldn’t think right.

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The cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket. He explained that I went thirty miles per hour over the speed limit, which he could have taken my driving privilege away for a long time he said, but he didn’t. He told me going that fast you could lose your life. He let us go and we were already ten minutes late. The rest of the way to her house we were going exactly with what the speed limit was. After dropping her off and speaking to her parents about what happened I couldn’t stop thinking about my parent’s reaction after they hear the news.

I waited till the next day to break the bad news to them. My parents told me it would cost me around four hundred dollars to take care of the ticket. That is when I started to panic. That meant I had to work more hours and days. All of this chaos for trying to be on time which wouldn’t have cost me anything.

After two weeks it was all over. No more worries, money problems, or drama. I never stopped thinking about everything that could have happened. It’s so crucial. We could have been hurt or even killed if I would have gotten in a wreck at the speed I was going. Always think about the situation before you dig a deeper hole than what you already have. One more thing, its always better to be late than sorry.

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