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A man-eating monster who terrorizes the Danish people. Grendel is a ruthless, stinnky, beast, yet Grendel is not simply a mindless monster. He is jealous over not being able to share in the Geat’s feasting and celebrating under God’s love. Grendel is doomed to an eternity of banishment from God’s light because of his ancestors sin.

When Cain killed Able, God banished him far from mankind. Grendel is a descendant of Cain, so he shares his banishment. Grendel is therefore displaced from God. This is what causes Grendel to destroy. It is no wonder Grendel was considered so monstrous, he has nowhere that is a refuge to him, because he has been removed from his home, or in Grendel’s case, the love of the Lord. Grendal took refuge in the bottom of dark foul lake. This gloomy swamp which is his joyless home

He is a deadly enemy to Hrothgar and Herot. Grendel willingly kills men in their sleep with no sorrow or remorse. The reason behind Grendel’s slaughter is because he has been kicked out of the light and is jealous of their celebration under Gods love. Grendel is selfish and feels that if he cant be in the light that no one else should be able to either. It looks as though Grendel did not accept his banishment without a fight.

Grendel seems to take his only pleasure from assaulting Herot and destroying the warriors inside. All those that live under Hrothgars rule hate him. That’s why Grendel, “driven by evil desire and swollen with rage, . Grendel seems to take his only pleasure from assaulting Herot and destroying the warriors inside. All those that live under Hrothgars rule hate him. worked so hard at attempting to destroy Herot. In Grendel’s mind, if he could deprive the Geats of their meadhall, which they loved so much, then they would be like him a people with no home and with no joy.

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Grendel lives at the bottom of a foul lake with many other monsters.

Grendel, did not accept his banishment without a fight.

He is called the “enemy of mankind”.

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