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Biological factors can affects the continuity of personality because of chemical changes in the brain, causing one to express themselves differently than that person did previous to these changes. Biological factors can keep ones personality the same because ones biological makeup is permenant for the most part, and if you are physically healthy then your personality is less likely to change. A person with Bipolar Disorder is a good example of how ones personality can change due to chemicals in the brain- one moment such a person could be happy and talking to their family and the next they can be furious for no reason and throw a fit. Learning factors can affect your personality because one could come to realize that certain behaviors and outlets of one personality are inappropriate, such as a child who has expressed themselves throughout their childhood by physically hurting others could be taught that such behavior is wrong and thus stop, helping that child to change their personality. Learning can bring about continuity in ones personality by reenforcing personality traits. For example, a child that is very studious and always does their work is susecptable to becoming listless with school unless they are rewarded for good work. If a reward is given, the behavior and the personality trait is reinforced and the child continues to be good in school. Situational factors can affect change in ones personality because if a person is in a situation, say a school setting, that forces them to be very aggressive because of the hostile environment, their personality will actually become hostile affter a time. however, if taken out of that environment and put in a calmer, more nuturing environment, the person would eventually realize that it isnt necessary to be so aggresive and would calm down. Situational factors can affect a person conversely because consistancy in environment can promote consistancy in personality and behavior.

Two factors that could affect the ability to overcome shyness would be learning and situational. Learning, because one could be taught to be more outgoing and that being outgoing is not a bad thing. They could also be made a aware of the good things that could come out of being a more outgoing person. Situational factors can affect whether a person is shy because if a person is in an abusive home, for instance, they may become very shy because they are afraid of speaking up. However, a change in that home, being taken out of the abusive home and put in a loving one, could help the person to come out of their shell and reallize that there is nothing to be afraid of and that they can speak up for themselves without being afriang theyll get hurt.

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