Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sister's love

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I have an older sister named Tawanna. we both go to the same school (Katharine Gibbs). and were both taking up the same major CNO (computer Network Operation). We have a pretty close relationship now, since we are older, but when we were younger we fought all the time.

My sister, who happens to be 5 years older than me, did some horrible things to me as we were growing up. She use to eat all of my snacks,take my toys and then beat me up when I tried to get it back. She even threaten me, saying that if I told our mother that she would tell what I did.

Now it took me years to realize that she never had anything on me. I was just so sneaky, I thought she knew something but she didnt she just liked to black mail me.

To her I was her test dummy because she always tried something on me. For instance we were watching a karate movie and she thought that she could do what she saw. So she tried it and kicked me in the forehead, leaving a scratch on the forehead. She ended up hurting her back from falling on it.

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I always tried to fight back, but she was bigger and stronger. I remember when we set the bathroom wall on fire. It was all her fault. She asked me if I wante to see something, i told her yes. She took the lighter and flicked it, and took the can of strach and sprayed it. It looked like a blow tourch. All of a sudden the wall set on fire, i tried to run out but she slammed my head in the door. we put out the fire and my mother never found out.

I love my sister dearly, but the reason why we are able to keep such a close relationship os beacuse we dont live together. If we are together to much thats a disater ready to happen.

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