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Analyzing Affirmative Action in America:

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Affirmative Action 1


How Important is it and what Effect does it has on America today?

Carey J. Butler

Custom Essays on Analyzing Affirmative Action in America:

Submitted to

Dr. Willie Hoskins

Alcorn State University

Ed. 514 Methods of Educational Research

June 6, 00


I. RATIONALE_____________________________ 1

Statement of Problem

Purpose of the Study




Definition of Terms

Justification of Study


III. METHODOLOGY_______________________ 1


Data Collection


Analysis of Data

IV. REFERENCES__________________________ 16

V. APPENDICES___________________________ 18

Appendix A Informed Consent Letter for the President of the University

Appendix B Informed Consent Letter for the students, faculty, and staff

Appendix C Response Letter form the President of Pray For Me University

Appendix D Survey


Affirmative Action

Statement of the problem

In 177, Allan Bakke sued the University of California based on the fact that he had been denied to the admission of University of California Davis Medical School due to the fact that the University had reserved a number of spots for minority students � quota system � with lower GPA and MCAT scores. He claimed that he deserved to be admitted to the University, but had been denied twice because minority applicants with lower qualification were given advantage and priority based on their races. Ever since the case of Regents of the University of California v. Bakke 177, the issue of affirmative action �specifically race-based affirmative action in admissions � has been the center of a number of debates. I will explain why reinstating race-based affirmative action is consistent with the intent of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. I will also argue why the society and citizens within need to realize that race-based affirmative action is not about putting burdens on innocent individuals; it is about providing minorities with opportunities. In order to draw the conclusion, the arguments of both advocates and opponents of the affirmative action will be presented in such a manner where the advocates’ arguments dispute opponents’ arguments. While educators have spent the last several years debating issues of quality and accountability in schooling, two fairly recent events have focused at least some attention on the issue of equality in education. In the summer of 15 the Board of Regents of the University of California system voted to “stop admitting students, hiring professors, and awarding contracts on the basis of race.” The announcement that all affirmative action considerations would be removed from the largest state system of higher education caused an immediate public outcry. In April of 001, the Fifth Circuit Court handed down a decision in a case challenging the legitimacy of affirmative action based admissions practices at the University Of Texas Law School. It stated, effectively, that race might not be considered as a factor in the admissions process.

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