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What are fractals? Fractal geometry provides us with a new viewpoint to see the world. For centuries scientists used the line as a building block to understand the objects around us. Chaos science uses a different geometry called fractal geometry. Fractal geometry is a new language used to describe, and examine difficult forms found in nature.

Fractal is a name coined by Mandelbrot in the 160s. Fractals are the division of geometry dealing with broken curves. Mandelbrot came up with the idea of a fractal as a way to manage problems of scale. He defined a fractal to be any curve or surface that is free of scale. This property, referred to as self-similarity, which means that any portion of the curve, if was divided in scale, would appear identical to the whole curve. Mandelbrot worked with fractals but it wasn’t him that discovered them, he got the idea from other scientist that had worked with them before. When fractals were discovered they did not interest people, they thought that it did not affect there way of life.

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After some time a man named Mandelbrot stared to study fractals and then self-similarity, he then discovered that the concept of fractals was something with an extraordinary importance to the world. For example, if you look inside of a triangle you can see that the triangle if formed by identical little triangles, well excuse this picture for not being proportional but the real thing is.

The world soon discovered that fractals could be used in engineering, physics, and biology. How? there are many kinds of fractals

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